• Jan 4, 2020

As a rule, training бо – occupation not difficult, these dogs are obedient and seek to please owners. However there are rules which should be observed.

 KA бо on photo snow

On a photo: бо. Photo: google

Rules of education and training бо

  1. Education and training of a puppy бо begins from the first day of appearance of the kid in your house.
  2. Establish accurate rules for a puppy. Do not allow a puppy бо what you do not allow an adult dog. Also be consecutive: what is authorized is authorized always, and same concerns the forbidden things.
  3. Talk with бо tenderly, kindly and quietly.
  4. If the puppy бо was tired of communication, do not impose it the caress. Let's the pet have a rest.
  5. Talk with бо. Dogs to whom talk form more strong link to the owner and understand it better.
  6. you do not shout at a puppy бо and the more so do not beat him. There are humane ways to explain to a dog of the rule of conduct.
  7. Begin occupations in a quiet situation, and only then raise requirements and level of complexity.
  8. Training of a puppy бо is carried out only in a game.
  9. the owner Begins and finishes a game.
  10. do not tire a puppy. It is better to be engaged several times a day five minutes, than once a week two hours.
If you do not cope with training бо independently, it is worth asking for the help the professional who works with method of a positive reinforcement.

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