• Dec 10, 2019
Training of a basenji — business difficult.
of the Basenji — cheerful, cheerful, playful and active dogs. Even to control a puppy not easy therefore it is necessary to start education and training as soon as possible. With age it will be even more difficult to gain authority.
 the Basenji of a photo On a photo: The basenji
of the Basenji is a ball of fire which needs to be splashed out on walking. Therefore prepare that walks will be long and saturated.

the Purpose of training of a basenji — creation of confidential relationship. Also it proceeds all life. Though these dogs take of everything the hint and without problems can master not only the general course of training, but also something bigger, learned can take off also quickly at them from the head.

of the Basenji demands to itself respect. Each success in training of a basenji is encouraged with a praise and delicacy. And here punishments and manifestations of discontent — not for these dogs, similar methods can nullify any progress. Even it is impossible to raise the voice on them.

have to be
of the Training regular, but short. You should not repeat endlessly same and to tire a dog. Frequent repetitions bore on a basenji.
of Occupation alternate games. Puppies study only in a game.

Commands are given surely and accurately. To follow the instruction, the representative of breed has to understand its expediency.

of the Basenji — the fond persons, stick the nose everywhere and, having distracted, can quite dash away in the unknown direction. Do not give them such chance.

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