• Dec 11, 2019
Education and training of a bichon a frieze have to begin on the same day when the puppy crosses a threshold of your house. If you neglect this process and will provide the pet to yourself, he will begin to rage and establish the orders.
 the Bichon a photo frieze On a photo: a bichon a frieze
First of all, it is necessary to accustom the kid to a nickname and to acquaint with teams which will ensure its safety: "To me", "Place", "Nearby", "to Sit", "Faugh". In addition, it is possible to teach a bichon a frieze to various tricks.

needs to encourage Each correct action with a praise and delicacy. Also do not forget that a puppy, as well as the small child, studies only in a game.
a frieze as air is necessary to the Bichon the company of people therefore it is always ready to please. Remarkably, if you or other family members have an opportunity always to be near the pet.
the Main principle of training of a bichon a frieze – the sequence, reasonable persistence in combination with caress and transition from simple to difficult.
Is probable, you will face difficulties in schooling of a puppy to a toilet. However there is nothing impossible. Stock up with patience and persistence. It is the best of all to use a cage, but its use should not turn into punishment – you just let know where it is possible to celebrate need. The cage has to be rather spacious. If you let out a puppy, watch him that he did not make the affairs in a far corner. As soon as you see that the pet looks for the suitable place, right there you bring him to the street. And so – until he does not understand that your house is not a public toilet. If the doggie descended in a toilet on the street – it is possible to allow to take a walk in the apartment hour or so. As soon as the bichon a frieze understands that all necessary things are done on the street, it will be possible to get rid of a cage.
do not neglect
socialization of a dog. Accustom the kid to various movements and sounds, meet other people and animals.

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