• Dec 16, 2019
Well well-mannered bull terrier has to show to
courage, live temperament and, at the same time, balanced mentality and readiness for submission. If you the beginner, training of a bull terrier can be complex, and even excessive business. In this case it is better to address the competent cynologist familiar with features of breed. However consider that it is necessary to study, first of all, to you, and then already – to you together with the pet.

Features of training of a bull terrier

Education and training of a puppy of a bull terrier begins that day when the kid appears in your house. It is right at the beginning important to explain to him that "it is right that is "incorrect". Features of training of bull terriers are that it is independent, sometimes stubborn dogs, and you should stock up with patience and persistence. If to explain consistently and convincingly, then the bull terrier quickly will understand that want from him.
From the first days in family to a bull terrier it is important to
to let know that it occupies the lowermost hierarchical step. Therefore it is necessary to refuse punishments at its presence of children and pets.
 Training of a bull terrier of a photo On a photo: bull terrier
Little puppies are tender, inquisitive and playful. Training in their main teams happens only in a game. Serious training can be begun in 6 – 8 months.
the biggest mistake which you can make in training of a bull terrier is to inspire in a puppy fear and disgust for occupations.
If you begin to be irritated with
, better to interrupt studies and to return to training later. If you the unbalanced person, do not wait for special progress from the dog. Lessons have to be in joy to both the teacher, and the pupil. How you behave in relation to a bull terrier, depends what he will grow.
can make the Correct approach to education of a bull terrier of the sincere, devoted friend, but if not to pay to a dog due attention, he can become an aggressive and spiteful dog.
Bull terriers are poorly sensitive to pain therefore physical punishments will not take effect. But they well catch an emotional condition of the owner and sensitively react to change of height and tone of a voice. However you should not go too far, demanding from a bull terrier of slave obedience. You learn to operate, but without connecting its initiative and without restraining its inherited qualities of character.
the Bull terrier will always try to be pleasant and please the owner. It is necessary to praise more often it and less often to abuse: on ten praises two censures.
the Basic lessons ensuring safety of a bull terrier and tranquility of people around: "To me", "Nearby", "Faugh", "Place" "to Sit", "Lie", "Dai". Further knowledge – on your discretion, intelligence of a bull terrier allows to master many things. But the main commands have to be executed implicitly and in any situation.
not to do the Bull terrier without early socialization. Acquaint it with other people and animals that the pet could "join" society successfully.

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