• Jan 9, 2020

Features of training and education of a German shepherd

German shepherds – clever, almost universal dogs. They work as watchmen, bodyguards, rozysknik, rescuers and conductors of blind people. High I.Q. does them extremely capable to various training.
 the German shepherd of a photo On a photo: German shepherd
can Train a German shepherd from early age. The period of socialization begins in 1.5 months and comes to an end in 3. At this time the behavioural model concerning the person and relatives is put. This period is extremely important, it is impossible to miss it.
the Four-months puppy already has to understand
who main in "pack".
the Six-month-old ovcharenok enters the teenage period, and from you efforts on upholding of the authority can be required.

German shepherds thanks to the mind quickly and easily acquire teams, but you should not press a dog too strongly. Let everything occur gradually. Begin with the simplest teams – and do not forget to encourage the pet for each success.

Training of a German shepherd: main teams

First that the puppy needs to acquire is a nickname. During feeding stroke a puppy, call by name, and do it regularly.
In 2 – 4 months by means of delicacy can study with a puppy of a German shepherd team "to me", to accustom to the place. In parallel the dog is acquainted with the words "faugh" or it "is impossible". But you remember that "faugh" is a last resort, it is necessary to use it only in special cases.
When the kid will learn to execute commands of the house, they are fulfilled during walk. It is impossible to call up a puppy if you are not sure that he will approach – the impression should not be formed that the team can be ignored.
Then follows training in endurance and the "sit", "lie" and "row" teams. The puppy has to go nearby, lie or sit, the team will not be heard yet "walk". Begin with couple of seconds, gradually hold time increases.
you will find
On our website the detailed instruction for training of a puppy to the main teams.
of a 4-hmesyachny puppy can begin to learn to overcome small obstacles, but it is careful – bones and joints did not get stronger at this time.
Throw a stick and encourage the kid when it drags it to you.
it is the best of all for div class=" quote to find for training of a German shepherd time daily.

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