• Jan 28, 2020

can do Education and training of a greykhaund even to the beginner. The only thing that needs to be remembered always – the roughness in education and training of a greykhaund is unacceptable and can cost much to you, having destroyed contact with a dog.

do not apply physical punishments At all and do not shout at a greykhaund!

the Main method of education and training of a greykhaund – a positive reinforcement (a praise, a game, delicacy). All classes are only in a game.

 the fastest грейхаунд a photo

On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: instagram.com/firstdogfriends

Consider that грейхаунд – not a guard dog. Yes, you without effort train it in good manners and receive the excellent partner, however, to hit qualifying standards for obedience, it is necessary to work fairly – and, generally to you to find a way to motivate the pet. Greykhaunda can master the general course of training, succeed in search service, participate in dog agility competitions.

you Remember
: if грейхаунд does not obey, so or you insufficiently clear explained what from it is required, or it was bored by occupations. Do not tire a dog. It is better to be engaged several times a day 5 – 10 minutes, than once a week several hours in a row.

If you feel that you by own efforts do not cope, address the instructor. However if the cynologist demands that you roughly treated the pet or showed though some violence, it is better to look for other expert.

If you want that yours грейхаунд was engaged in a kursing (a race for a mechanical hare) or a racing (movement in a circle), it is possible to start specialized trainings not earlier, than the puppy will be 8 months old.

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