• Dec 18, 2019
the Griffon — a small doggie, but it does not mean that it does not need to be brought up and trained. Any pet has to be obedient and operated.
 the griffin, the Belgian griffin, looks up, a griffin in the room At a photo: griffon

Features of training of a griffon in house conditions

Process of training of a griffon begins from the first day of life of a puppy in your house. It is impossible to allow everything, certainly, but also the rigidity should be avoided. If the puppy tries to bite you, by a strict voice tell it about inadmissibility of similar behavior.
is 2 — 3 months the period of socialization. The kid actively explores the world around, new objects, sounds and smells.
the pet can begin to check
In 3 months you for durability. You should prove that the role of the leader of pack belongs to you. Do not allow to bark at you or to bite.
Begin to train the kid in teams. They are necessary, first of all, for safety of your canine friend. Necessary minimum: "To me", "Nearby", "Faugh", "Place" "to Sit", "Lie", It "is impossible", "Dai". However the griffon is quite capable to master various amusing tricks. Restriction — only your imagination. How to train a griffon in the main teams, you can read in our article .
as motivation is used a praise and delicacy.
the Puppy studies only in a game. Lessons have to be short and fascinating, not tiresome.
Consider specific features of the pet. Regularly be engaged with it, play. If you do not cope — do not hesitate to ask for the help the experienced cynologist familiar with features of breed.
the Griffon has to treat calmly that it is taken on hands, examine, carry out necessary manipulations. For this purpose you manage with the kid tenderly, do not hurt, do not intimidate.
If to you is possible to bring up correctly a griffon, the result will not disappoint: you will have a wonderful partner, joy for all family.

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