• Jan 4, 2021

As a rule, a puppy at the age of 1 month seldom gets to new owners. Most often it still is in this age at manufacturer. Nevertheless, he can already begin to be trained. What consists in training of a puppy of 1 month?

Puppy 1 Month of a Photo
of the Photo: pixabay.com

Training of a puppy 1 month: what to begin with?

Training of a puppy can be begun 1 month with that in the principle to study, what is competent training and what it consists in. Will help with it books on zoopsychology and ethology, video tutorials and consultations of experts. But, choosing sources of knowledge, it is worth leaning on those that are based on scientific approach also do not contain hopelessly outdated data.

At the age of 1 month training of a puppy is based only on a positive reinforcement and in a game.

It is very important that classes in training of a puppy of 1 month were short and not boring for the pet.

In what can consist training of a monthly puppy?

Training of a monthly puppy can include training in simple skills. You can accustom the kid to to a nickname , to develop game motivation and to learn to play correctly, to switch attention from a toy to a toy and also from a toy on food (and vice versa).

If you are not sure that you will be able to cope with training of a monthly puppy and do not know what to begin training of a puppy of 1 month with, it is worth addressing the professional. Do not forget that the expert has to work only at a positive reinforcement. You can also use our videocourses on training and education of dogs by humane methods.

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