• Jan 11, 2021

In 2 months puppies most often get from the manufacturer to owners. And those cannot wait to start training. As it is correct to organize training of a 2-month-old puppy? What to begin with?

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Training of a puppy 2 months: what to begin with?

To answer a question what to begin training of a puppy 2 months with, it is necessary to remember that training is not just training in teams, but also formation of ability to understand the person, to distinguish correct from wrong and formation of attachment.

Therefore, training of a 2-month-old puppy begins with training of the owner.

In 2 months the game behavior of a puppy, so, games is formed it is necessary to develop in the future not to face difficulties. All training is based in a game!

What is included by training of a puppy 2 months?

Training of a 2-month-old puppy can include the following skills:

  • Acquaintance with a nickname .
  • Team "Dai".
  • Switching from a toy to a toy, from a toy on food and vice versa.
  • Touch by a pad and a nose to targets.
  • A complex ("to Sit-stand-lie" in different combinations).
  • Beginning of training in endurance.
  • Protozoa tricks .
  • Подзыв.
  • "Place".

If you are not sure of the forces on training of a 2-month-old puppy, you can address the professional (important that it worked with a positive reinforcement) or to use our videocourses on training and education of dogs by humane methods.

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