• Oct 28, 2020

home the new friend and are full of enthusiasm to begin to train it in different useful knowledge. How to begin training puppy from scratch?

Training of a Puppy of a German Shepherd Team to Lie a Photo
of the Photo: mindful.dog

Training of a puppy from scratch is, first of all, a training of ability to understand you, the nobility when you are happy and when not really to understand some teams and formation of attachment. Therefore, the owner has to be it is trained. In particular, to know bases of behavior of dogs, body language, the principles training.

It is important to remember that the most effective way to create behavior of a puppy – a positive reinforcement .

In training of a puppy it is from scratch also extremely important to form game skills and ability to play with the person. Remember that favorable age for formation game skills – the first 12 weeks of life of the kid.

The first skills when training a puppy from scratch include schooling to to a nickname , team "Dai", acquaintance with targets , the Sit — to Stand — to Lie teams (separately and in a complex), подзыв.

To learn more about education and training of a puppy by humane methods you can, having used our videocourses.

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