• Jan 13, 2020

Training of a puppy of a Rottweiler

the Puppy of a Rottweiler needs friendly attitude and keenness from each of family members. However the strongest bonds connect it with the "main" owner. And depends on behavior of the last, how smoothly there will take place process of education and training of a puppy of a Rottweiler.
needs to spend with a puppy of a Rottweiler much time, to provide interesting active walks, including in the country, and various games.
Rottweilers are balanced dogs, sometimes even a little sluggish. It influences the speed of assimilation of new skills. But learned once remains in memory of a puppy of a Rottweiler for a long time, and commands are executed correctly and accurately.
Education and training of a puppy of a Rottweiler begin
as soon as he crossed a threshold of your house. Puppies quickly learn the Place and To Me teams. Having learned the To Me team of the house, it is possible to start its working off on walk.
the Puppy of 4 - 8 months endures the period of independence and often is willful. If the puppy refuses flatly to execute the To Me team, the owner can pretend that goes to other party – almost for certain the puppy will follow it.
After assimilation of the To Me team it is possible to start training in the Sit, Lie, Stand and Nearby teams.
are Also necessary the Foo and It Nelzya teams. It is the ban on inadmissible actions.
the Listed above teams – a necessary minimum which will ensure safety of your dog and your tranquility. But it is not obligatory to stop on it – you can choose "specialization" for a dog and continue training process practically all life.

Principles of training of a Rottweiler

All correct actions of a puppy of a Rottweiler are surely encouraged with a praise and delicacy.
do not punish At all a dog who ran up to you!
is better to use on the street a long lead (10 meters) at the beginning and to be convinced that you operate a Rottweiler before releasing a dog "in free floating".
do not leave a puppy of a Rottweiler unguarded. It can be lost or it can be stolen.
Remember that the puppy of a Rottweiler has to love and respect the owner, obey, but not be afraid. Therefore it is impossible to punish him severely.
At education and training of a puppy of a Rottweiler you should stock up with persistence, however to avoid roughness.
of Occupation have to be regular, it promotes establishment of close psychological connection between a puppy and the owner.
Psychological and physical activities are increased by
gradually. The first month of occupation have to be absolutely short, at this time it is better to watch a puppy of a Rottweiler and to notice it is pleasant and manages that better and that demands additional efforts.
Constantly analyze the progress and miscalculations, you introduce amendments in process of training of a Rottweiler.
If you reached a deadlock or are afraid that you by own efforts will not cope, do not hesitate to ask for the help the experienced expert familiar with features of breed.

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