• Jan 14, 2020

the Thai ridgeback dog needs early socialization and training. It is necessary to stock up with patience, it is fair to treat a dog, to be engaged regularly. However, the Thai ridgeback dog thanks to the aspiration to please the owner perfectly is trained.
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Features of training of a Thai ridgeback dog

Intelligence of a dog can be both plus, and minus in training of a Thai ridgeback dog. On the one hand, he seizes all on the fly. With another — can refuse to carry out "silly", from his point of view, team.
Remember the main thing: it is impossible to be angry and irritated in the course of education and training of a Thai ridgeback dog. Study has to be pleasant both for the teacher, and for the pupil.
Education of a puppy of a Thai ridgeback dog will demand from you a great lot of time and it can be not a really easy problem. One of the main traits of character of a Thai ridgeback dog — independence. This quality needs to be respected and considered, otherwise you will be able to get on with the pet.
Independence at Thais in blood. It is connected with the fact that the breed belongs to primitive, that is to lineal descendants of pariah dogs. These dogs live with the person for a long time, are cultivated, again run wild. They did not show aggression to people, but at the same time did not seek to approach them excessively. They needed from the person food, but not love. However, these dogs were able to get the shelter, water and food and independently.
Certainly, a Thai ridgeback dog will not run away from you to the forest and will not begin to live in a hole. But you will always have feeling as if you tamed the real wolf.
do not try to break will of the Thai, nothing good from this will leave.
Despite restraint, Thai ridgeback dogs extremely devoted, intelligent dogs, but it is not necessary to wait from them for a love storm. Just the pet will always control a situation and to watch that with you everything was as it should be.
is important to show the sequence at education and training of a Thai ridgeback dog.
Correctly well-mannered and trained Thai ridgeback dog will give you a lot of joy, but the ill-bred pet will bring a lot of chagrin. Everything depends on you.
the Basic lessons ensuring safety of a Thai ridgeback dog and tranquility of people around: "To me", "Nearby", "Faugh", "Place" "to Sit", "Lie", "Dai". Further knowledge — on your discretion, intelligence of a Thai ridgeback dog allows to master many things. But the main commands have to be executed implicitly and in any situation.
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