• Dec 16, 2019
Veymaraner perfectly studies, however if you the beginner in this case, then can face some difficulties. In this case address the competent instructor familiar with features of breed. But consider that it is necessary to study first of all to you, and then — to you together with a dog.

Features of training of a veymaraner (weimaraner)

As a rule, training of a veymaraner (weimaraner) — pleasant and easy occupation even for not too experienced trainer. These dogs seize all to a raid and are capable to master a set of commands quickly enough. Besides they are good-natured, seek to be near the owner and to please him.
However consider
that a veymaraner — a mobile and strong dog who needs intensive loadings.
 a weimaraner the veymaraner yawns On a photo: weimaraner (veymaraner)
should Begin education of a puppy of a weimaraner from the first day of its emergence in your house.

cannot show roughness At all, and especially to beat a dog. The caress and encouragement are much more effective.

you Spend with a dog much time. Separation from the owner is fraught for a veymaraner with a nervous breakdown.
If you plan to prepare the partner for hunting, without the assistance of the expert definitely not to cost you.
If you do not plan hunting career, not terribly. The weimaraner can master great variety of games for warm-up or to become the outstanding athlete.
 veymaraner beautiful photos On a photo: veymaraner
Stock up with
with patience and hardness — and you will be able to bring up the obedient and devoted dog ready to follow you both in fire, and in water.
the Basic lessons for a veymaraner ensuring safety of a dog and tranquility of people around: "To me", "Nearby", "Faugh", "Place" "to Sit", "Lie", "Dai". Further knowledge — on your discretion, intelligence of a veymaraner allows to master many things. But the main commands have to be executed implicitly and in any situation.
 couple of veymaraner of a photo On a photo: dogs of breed veymaraner "

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