• Dec 10, 2019

Features of training of an affenpinscher

Training of an affenpinscher – occupation simple and pleasant. He catches teams on the fly and seeks to deserve the owner's praise.

 the Affenpinscher lies a photo On a photo: affenpinscher. Photo source: https://www.k9web.com

However in training of an affenpinscher is a number of the moments which should be considered.

  1. Consider that physical abuse in training of an affenpinscher is unacceptable so "whip" should be thrown out. But "gingerbread" — excellent means in training of these dogs. Use delicacy and active games.
  2. the affenpinscher also does not love Open flattery and familiarity as he has strong-willed and stubborn character. From you in training of an affenpinscher the persistence, tranquility and friendliness without ingratiation will be required.
  3. Long trainings are tiresome for an affenpinscher and to him and a large number of repetitions same is not necessary. Therefore occupations have to be short, fascinating and various. If the affenpinscher loses interest in training, he will just refuse to execute your commands.

Training of an affenpinscher: main teams

As well as for any other dog, training of an affenpinscher includes teams, irreplaceable for comfortable and safe life. These are the To Me, Row, Sit, Lie, Stand, Place, Foo and It is impossible teams.

Besides such necessary minimum the affenpinscher is capable to master a set of amusing tricks, he with which pleasure will entertain you and your guests.

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