• Dec 18, 2019

the Airdale — the beautiful, in proportion put dog capable to master various types of activity. It can work as the watchman, the nurse, the conductor of blind people, the hunter, the police officer, the athlete, to do military service, and at the same time remains the wonderful partner.

Features of training of an airdale in house conditions

the Best owner for an airdale — the person to whom active lifestyle is not alien. The pet will accompany willingly you on long pedestrian either cyclings or jogs.
Small эрдель is tireless, mobile, смышлен and is inquisitive. It studies only in playful way.
 Training of an airdale of a photo

On a photo: training of an airdale

Thanks to high I.Q. and vigor, education and training of an airdale at the correct approach will bring more joy, than disappointments. It is extremely important that the praise was used much more often than censures.
However, the beginner or the person not really well familiar with features of breed, when training an airdale can periodically fall into despair.
the Main claim of the unlucky trainer to эделю — obstinacy to which will envy and settled. Really, if this dog rests, it is possible to kill or feed her everything yum-yum, at the same time the dog will do all the same only what finds necessary. And though burst.
Why does that happen? Everything is very simple: to an airdale it became banal boringly.
If the instructor with whom you are engaged suggests "to break off" an airdale, urgently look for other expert!
For some breeds such strategy works, but with erdely similar focus will not pass. Even if you at the price of incredible efforts will manage to force it to obey under rigid pressure, you will not be able to be sure of the pet. And at the most inappropriate moment he will surely recoup: will throw out it that will plunge you into a despair chasm.
Airdales independent, extremely clever and extremely cunning. Therefore can give master classes in non-obedience art. Where other dog would give up long ago, exhausted by fight, эрдель will think up one thousand and one way to show resistance. The feeling is sometimes created that these dogs are just too clever to be disciplined. Erdel quickly understands that "work of fools loves" and constantly proves to all people around that he definitely does not belong to the category of fools.
What to do? As well as all ingenious, a secret is simple, but is available not to everyone. A key to heart of an airdale — constant maintenance of interest.
Begin to be engaged in
with a puppy of an airdale since that moment as it gets to your house. And that process of training of an airdale did not turn into continuous torture neither for you, nor for the pet, since the early childhood accustom him that occupations are not punishment, but a cheerful and entertaining game. In this case the remarkable intelligence and passion эрделя will become your ally, and the pet will begin to study with such pleasure that you also should constrain its heat!
Airdales are very clever and hazardous. Use this quality, send to the necessary course — and you will achieve such success which did not dream owners of other breeds.
At the correct education these "anarchists" show to
angelic obedience to which all people around will die of envy.
the Airdale — a box with surprises. Happens that you long study some reception, but everything is ineffectual. And suddenly, when you are already covered by despondency, the command is not just executed, and carried out ideally — and the dog continues to carry out faultlessly it until the end of life. Therefore be not irritated and do not despair if in training of an airdale something is impossible from the first.
Erdel does not complain of memory. Everything that learned once, remembers forever.
Know when to stop. If you tens of times force the pet to execute perfectly learned commands, he will lose any interest both in you, and in occupations. But if it is necessary, you are surprised to indefatigability and endurance of an airdale.
of Representatives of breed irritate walks only on a lead. Being attached to you, they will not be able to satisfy the passion to knowledge of the world around and to give vent to vigorous energy. In that case interesting, but inaccessible alloy of images and sounds will begin to occupy all his thoughts, and as soon as possible the pet will go to an independent expedition. Walks will turn from pleasure into fight when you try to hold a dog on a lead and to prevent it to be let in flight.
Give to
эрделю the chance to run without lead. Periodically call up him, sometimes (not every time!) fasten a lead, and then again release, treat with the laid-up delicacy and play with it. Certainly, for such walks it is necessary to choose safe places, without cars, a big congestion of other people and dogs.
the Airdale does not concern dogs who on walk will follow about you and to look in eyes. However if you do everything correctly, he will attentively watch you and to react instantly to teams or cautions.
 How to train an airdale of a photo

On a photo: an airdale on a lead

Of course, ability to go on a lead — vital need. But at any opportunity try to provide to the pet independence. It will do good to your relationship.
of Many owners occupies a question as the airdale quickly matures. As a rule, the adult it becomes approximately in two years. And transformation is unexpected and instant. Not only you will notice it, but also people around (both dogs, and people). If earlier эрделя someone offended, now he can "revenge" for everything in a crowd.
are intelligent and do not conceal a stone in the bosom. Causeless aggression does not meet at them. At the same time they perfectly master protective guard duty and are capable to protect family of the owner, the car and the house.
If when training an airdale you make by
everything correctly, the airdale will reward you a hundredfold. The dog will bring you a lot of joy, you receive the loyal friend and the defender with a surprising potential.
to What to teach

an airdale?

the Basic lessons ensuring safety of an airdale and tranquility of people around: "To me", "Nearby", "Faugh", "Place" "to Sit", "Lie", "Dai". The main commands have to be executed implicitly and in any situation.
However intelligence and learning ability of an airdale allow not to stop on the minimum course of obedience. Perfectly proved to be Erdeli as athletes (dog agility, frizb, freestyle, обидиенс, protective types of training, search and rescue service and other types). An airdale at the correct approach — really universal dog, clever and hardy.

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