• Dec 4, 2019
Training of an American cocker spaniel begins from the first day of appearance of a dog in your house. If you decided to get a spaniel puppy, then it is worth preparing that with it it is necessary to be engaged long and persistently. It is necessary to watch his behavior, to teach teams, etc. Initially, the dog has to obey the owner, perceive him as leader and best friend.
 the American cocker spaniel of a photo On a photo: American cocker spaniels at an exhibition
For a start the dog needs to pick up a harmonious nickname and not to associate it with the To Me team at all. The nickname serves as a signal "Attention" therefore it is necessary to address a dog in the beginning, and then to give the command.

In the house the puppy of an American cocker spaniel has to have a specially allotted place which is far from pass and is closed from direct sunshine. One of the first teams which need to train an American cocker spaniel is "Place". It is very important to choose the moments when the puppy was acquired, was tired or ate. It is possible to put in cold time under a laying a warm hot-water bottle, and to a tired puppy will comfortably lie on the place. It is enough to repeat several times and the dog will precisely know where there is her place.

Important team for a spaniel is team It "is impossible". To begin to study it it is possible at a bowl. When time to give food comes, it is necessary to fill forages in a bowl, to call up a dog, to take one hand a bowl, and another to hold the pet and sharply It "is impossible" to tell. Kids are held by 5 — 7 seconds, adult individuals it is possible longer. Then tenderly "Take" to tell and to release a doggie to a bowl. The forbidding command can be given not only before food, but also in other cases when it is necessary to prevent some undesirable action of a dog.

it is quite simple to
to learn the Sit Team. It is necessary to call up a spaniel to himself, to take some delicacy, to raise highly up and to say one hand "to Sit", other hand slightly to press on a croup, forcing a dog to sit down. Each correct action is encouraged with delicacy.

When training an American cocker spaniel it is necessary to follow two most important rules: accounting of character of a dog and any physical abuse. The puppy studies only in a game. It is necessary to stock up with patience and to keep endurance. Encouragement, as verbal, and in the form of delicacy or a game — a good incentive for a dog.

Even if training of an American cocker spaniel has the general character, it is recommended to keep the diary. In it bring information on behavior of the pet and the trainer, on features of a surrounding situation (noise, strangers, animal, weather conditions, etc.) and everything that will help to analyse further, how successfully undergoes training process, to keep track of progress and to find mistakes.

Most effectively training takes place
in the fresh air, but there is a difficulty connected with instincts of a cocker to pursue and run away. Not only to you it is worth to remember about these instincts and unconditioned reflexes, but they is recommended to use actively – for example by search of the hidden objects or an aportirovka.
the Wrong training of an American cocker spaniel or at all lack of education can lead
to the fact that the pet will try to reach a dominant position in the house and to show destructive behavior. It is unlikely it will please you.

Pay to a dog as much as possible attention and diligence, and you will be able to find the true devoted friend.

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