• Dec 4, 2019
the American Staffordshire terrier has high intelligence therefore quickly remembers teams and perfectly studies. But at the same time it is very independent in decision-making and does not submit thoughtlessly. It needs to know for what you give this or that command.

Features of training of an amstaff (American Staffordshire terrier)

Behaviour of a dog completely depends on patience and diligence of owners. First of all representatives of breed need socialization.
From the first day designate
that is possible and that cannot be done in the house. And from all family members the sequence and hardness in observance of rules is required. Amstaffa appreciate constancy. They do not love a baby talk, but will be grateful if you treat them as to reasonable beings.
to Beat a dog or to shake by the scruff inadmissibly – she has to respect owners, but not be afraid of them. Tortured, hammered and from it embittered амстафф can become really dangerous to people around.
Puppies study only in playful way. Accustom the kid that people and other dogs do not want to do him harm. But it is possible to acquaint with other dogs of a puppy only after necessary vaccination is done to him.
of Amstaffy – quite capable dogs. They stand in the same row with airdales and Newfoundland dogs. As a rule, they well remember team after 20 repetitions, but probability is high that will learn and from the first. However do not demand impossible, stock up with patience.
If the pet does to
everything correctly and executes commands, surely encourage it with delicacy or a praise, at the same time the delight can be expressed violently – the pet will estimate it. The sharp hail will become in the best way to stop undesirable actions. It is also possible to ignore temporarily a dog to show that you are dissatisfied with her act.
Training is the general or special. The general training is necessary for all dogs not to cause problems to either you, or people around. Special training – training of a concrete profession (the security guard, a rozysknik, the therapist, etc.)
the Basic lessons ensuring safety of a dog and tranquility of people around: "To me", "Nearby", "Faugh", "Place" "to Sit", "Lie", "Dai". Further knowledge – on your discretion, intelligence of an amstaff allows to master many things. But the main commands have to be executed implicitly and in any situation.
If you are not sure by
of the forces, address the professional trainer familiar with features of breed.
Remember that amstaffa – dogs athletes therefore to them physical exercises and power trainings are extremely important. They adore run, long walks, weights willingly drag, break barriers. They need the responsible and active owner.

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