• Dec 2, 2019

An Australian shepherd — very clever and diligent dog therefore it is simple to train her. However there are nuances which need to be considered.

On a photo: Australian shepherd (auss)
is better if someone trains an Australian shepherd one of family. Further the dog will obey all, but the trainer has to be in the single copy.

that the Australian shepherd does not take out roughness and the increased tones, sometimes is even afraid of them. The rigidity discomposes a dog and undermines your contact. Auss it is capable to understand team even from once, and the rigidity in communication with them is not necessary at all.

Education and training of an Australian shepherd have to be based on caress and a positive reinforcement. The dog will study much better if she is not afraid to be mistaken and is ready to show an initiative.

Everyone, even the smallest success is supported with delicacy in the beginning. Then delicacy can partially be replaced with a game and a voice praise.
If when training an aussa in the forbidding teams you cannot do without adjustment at all, do it extremely accurately, only as a last resort, and at the same time you look whether the dog understood you. Sometimes exercise which is not given to an Australian shepherd is better to postpone.

of Occupation with a puppy of an Australian shepherd that day when it appears in your house. Do not allow the kid that you will not allow an adult dog. Make sure that all in your family divide your approach that there were no contradictory requirements which will confuse and irritate a dog.

is better to Begin training of an Australian shepherd with simple things. For example, from the Sit team.

All classes with a puppy are given only in a game. Do not overstrain the kid! If you noticed that he began to spin, lick lips, yawn and in every possible way to show desire to leave, so you went too far. Stop study, distract a puppy hobby and next time reduce lesson time. It is better to be engaged several times a day 5 minutes, than once a day the whole hour

For an Australian shepherd are obligatory the same teams, as for other dogs: "To me" "to Sit", "Lie", "Stand", "Nearby", "Place", "Faugh" and It "is impossible". They have to be carried out at once and is always a guarantee of safety of a dog and your tranquility. the Instruction on training of a dog in the main teams you will find at us on the website.

However in a case from an aussa of this "living wage" will be not enough
. But the choice, than still to be engaged with a dog, depends on yours with a dog of joint preferences and interests. Auss can master practically all types of dog sport.
On a photo: Australian shepherd (auss) "

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