• Sep 7, 2020

One of the most widespread questions of owners: whether it is possible to train an adult dog? Supposedly the popular wisdom not for nothing says: "you will not teach an old dog to new tricks". However in this case popular wisdom it is not right at all.

Elderly Dog with a Gray-haired Muzzle of a Photo Close Up
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Dogs study all life, and it is possible to train a dog of any age. More that, regular trainings – the best prevention of senile dementia of the pet.

And it is always madly a pity to see how on an adult or elderly dog waved hand, and it toils with boredom.

Dogs with whom correctly were engaged from a shchenyachestvo are perfectly trained and being adults. However, if you only begin training adult dogs, it is worth stocking up with patience. Because at adult dogs already is the created habits, not always good and to retrain much more difficult, than to learn from scratch. But, nevertheless, there is nothing impossible. And positive the reinforcement at the correct application works wonders.

Dogs elderly sometimes suffer from diseases so they can test difficulties, for example, to change a pose several times in a row (to sit down, to rise, lay down, etc.). Besides, at a dog senile dementia can develop, she can forget learned or be irritated. Therefore you should stock up patience and to show condescension, again to do occupations short, as with puppy, and a task to break into absolutely small steps (even if it seems to you that "that here unclear").

Training of an elderly dog is based in a game and short sessions. And it there is quite enough in most cases. So not everything is so terrible and it is difficult how can seem.

This article – a fragment from Ekaterina Kastritskaya, Irina Goryukova and Natalya Nikitina's book " the Good dog of bad breed is not ".

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