• Dec 2, 2019

Features of training of the Austrian pinscher

the Austrian pinschers are bright dogs therefore at the correct approach training is very effective. However they demand to themselves the valid, quiet, tender relation and appreciate the sequence. The best method of training and education of the Austrian pinscher – an operantny method and a positive reinforcement.

Consider that the Austrian pinschers were brought as farmer dogs therefore to them the scope and freedom of movement is vital about to splash out energy.

the Main teams when training the Austrian pinscher

the Necessary minimum of training for the Austrian pinscher: teams "to me", "nearby", "to sit", "lie", "place", "faugh", "is impossible". Without it it is impossible to ensure safety and comfortable life both the pet, and people around.

However you are not obliged to be limited to this minimum. Abilities of the Austrian pinscher allow to achieve much bigger! For example, from them quite good athletes turn out (dog agility, frizb, freestyle, etc.)

the Austrian pinschers also proved to be excellent watchmen, rat catchers and small living creatures hunters.

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