• Dec 11, 2019
Training of the boxer begins

with the moment of appearance of a puppy in the house.

 Dogs of breed the boxer at a photo exhibition On a photo: dogs of breed the boxer can begin with

From 2 months working off of the teams "To Me", "Row", "Stand", "Lie", "Sit", "Place", "Aport", "Be silent", "Voice". And by 6 months the kid is quite capable to master them.

That the puppy did not select anything from the earth, with him fulfill the team "It Is Impossible!" or "Faugh!"

You should not allow a puppy the fact that you will not allow an adult dog.

You spend with the boxer much time, walk, invent new games, explore the area, swim.

The puppy studies only in a game. Occupations should not be long (better several times a day on several minutes). The correct actions are encouraged – yum-yum or a praise. Punishments are not used.

From 6 months it is possible to begin systematic trainings on the platform. Responsibly you treat the choice of the instructor. If it applies rigid methods – better to look for other expert.

Do interesting each walk. Set the learned skills, you teach the pet to tricks. 10 minutes a day can be devoted to establishing contacts with other dogs, devote the rest of the time each other. Accustom the boxer to go in public transport, to walk in crowded places. Bring a variety routes of walks. With the 10-month-old boxer it is possible to begin to run cross-countries, from 12 months it is possible to connect the bicycle.

In 18 months it is possible to hit working qualifying standards for OKD, the IPO, BH or other "specialty". If desired the boxer can master a wide range of professions: nurse, security guard, defender, rozysknik or rescuer. The dog tries to carry out any task adequately.

Often the boxer shows obstinacy. But if you are rather persistent, constrained and patient, will be able to teach the pet to anything. Failures and shouts will not lead to anything good – the dog will apprehend it as weakness. The main thing when training the boxer – self-confidence and once again patience.

From time to time already acquired knowledge refreshes in memory of the boxer.

It is impossible to punish at all a dog when she approached you on command. Even if before a terrible crime was committed. The To Me team has to be connected only with positive emotions.

Do not encourage attempt of the boxer to fight with other dogs – subsequently it can lead to serious problems.

The boxer's dog – more courageous and stubborn, than a bough. He tends to fights, studies more difficult and is capable to get away for "bride". Is softer, more plastic and more cunning than a bough, studies easier.

Boxers will protect you in street "dismantling" more willingly, than will begin to protect property, but too it is easy for protection to train them. If you plan to make of the pet of the security guard or the bodyguard, do not allow it to communicate with strangers. But do not use "" as the malefactor, even in a game at all.

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