• Jan 8, 2020

Education and training of the Caucasian sheep-dog begins from the first day as the pet appeared in your house. Training of the Caucasian sheep-dog – process not too simple, however, if it is correct to do everything, it is possible to achieve success.

 the Caucasian sheep-dog in a country house of a photo

On a photo: Caucasian sheep-dog. Photo: google

Rules of training of the Caucasian sheep-dog

  1. Never allow a puppy of the fact that you will not allow an adult dog. Be consecutive.
  2. do not cultivate in a puppy of the Caucasian sheep-dog rage to strangers At all. The Caucasian sheep-dog of competent cultivation with good mentality will already be a quite good security guard. It is important that it concerned strangers with indifference, but did not show aggression without the reason.
  3. the Indispensable condition – early socialization a puppy of the Caucasian sheep-dog. If to neglect it, you risk to grow up uncontrollable, spiteful and coward, but at the same time a large and strong being. Dangerous mix!
  4. the First lessons pass in quiet places with a minimum of irritants, and only then it is possible to complicate conditions.
  5. Training of a puppy of the Caucasian sheep-dog takes place only in a game.
  6. Important qualities of the owner who trains the Caucasian sheep-dog – steadiness, patience, hardness, but at the same time without cruelty. Do not stint encouragement! It is impossible to shout at a dog and to beat her – it will only embitter the pet.
  7. Occupations with a puppy of the Caucasian sheep-dog have to be frequent, but short (the first lessons should not last more than 3 - 5 minutes).
  8. you do not hurry the Caucasian sheep-dog. These dogs need time for considering before executing the command. In this sense representatives of breed differ in sluggishness.

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