• Dec 5, 2019

the Complaisance and tranquility of these dogs will not give you the chance to experience bright feelings in the course of training of the English bulldog .

Representatives of breed are the dogs thinking and therefore always have the opinion on the events. And this opinion can differ from master's radically. Therefore education and training of the English bulldog sometimes can demand bigger persistence, than with some other to breeds.

But persistence – not a synonym of roughness. It is important to interest a dog, and with puppies all classes are in the form of a game. Begin training from the first days of appearance of a puppy of the English bulldog in the house and find for it time daily. Requirements have to be accurate and consecutive.

the English bulldogs at all not champions on speeds of assimilation of new teams, but once learned keep
in mind.
needs to accustom the pet to noise of streets, congestions of people and other animals – for this purpose should visit regularly new places in vicinities. Take care that your favourite went on a lead measuredly and quietly.
the English bulldog has quite frightening appearance, and the person not familiar with breed can think as if the slightest oversight or disrespect for the owner or for the dog are fraught with attack. It's not true. In a critical situation the bulldog is capable to come to the rescue, but strongly you should not expect his protective qualities. And here watchmen they quite good.
Is an obligatory set of teams for training of the English bulldog. It "To me", "Nearby", "Faugh", "Place" "to Sit", "Lie", "Dai". Whether to teach the English bulldog to something else, to choose to you. But the main commands have to be executed implicitly and in any situation. It is a safety issue of your pet and tranquility of people around.

The instruction how to train the pet in the main teams and also the general rules of training you can learn in article: how to bring up an obedient dog: initial course of training .

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