• Dec 24, 2019
Training of the Irish wolfhound, as a rule, does not present to

difficulties. These dogs perfectly study and implicitly execute commands. But do not wait for instant submission: before following the instruction, the wolfhound should consider it.

 wolfhound close up of a photo On a photo: Irish wolfhound. Photo: wallbox.ru

Treat the pet persistently, but at the same time validly and softly, consistently. Rough methods in training of the Irish wolfhound will not approach – these dogs easily take offense, and experience offense long and cease to trust the owner. The roughness can make the pet trusovaty or aggressive.

Surely encourage the correct actions and progress of a dog, even minimum.

The Irish wolfhound needs long walks and an opportunity to run without lead . Consider it when choosing a dog – in city conditions may support a wolfhound to be problematic.

If you train the Irish wolfhound correctly, you receive almost ideal partner.

Basic teams necessary for safety of your dog and tranquility of people around: "To me", "Nearby", "to Sit, "Stand", "Lie", "Place", "Faugh" and It "is impossible".

However it does not mean that it is worth being limited to this minimum.

The Irish wolfhound can participate in obedience, freestyle competitions or to master tricks which will not do harm to his health.

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