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the Turkmen wolfhound (алабай, the Central Asian sheep-dog) is a breed of dog which homeland is Central Asia. The biggest алабай is known not only thanks to the impressive sizes, but bravery, devotion and to excellent working qualities. The Turkmen sheep-dog – the excellent security guard and the great shepherd. Dogs of this breed are used generally for protection of country cottages and some objects.

Turkmen wolfhound: appearance, features of leaving and contents
the Turkmen wolfhound is a breed of dog which homeland is Central Asia

the History of origin of breed

About origin of this ancient breed of dogs many legends go. The homeland of breed it is considered to be Turkmenistan which is located in Central Asia. In the territory of modern Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan throughout several centuries were engaged in cattle breeding. In those days the Mongolian sheep-dogs, the Tibetan mastiffs and shepherd's molossa who are considered ancestors huge Turkmen алабаев were widespread.

After a while the Turkmen wolfhounds were called the Central Asian sheep-dogs. Brave dogs protected from predators not only herd, but also shepherds. Thanks to the force, fidelity, steadiness and economy in contents the biggest алабай quickly gained popularity from dealers who were interested in the dogs capable to protect caravans. Soon dogs began to be used as security and sentry.

The Central Asian sheep-dog from Turkmenistan quickly extended across all territory of Central Asia, and soon alabayam became interested the Soviet cynologists. The government of the Soviet Union ordered to deliver representatives of this breed of dog from Asia.

The Soviet cynologists planned to make of the Turkmen alabayev of the military personnel of dogs, but soon found out that representatives of this breed are even more uncontrollable and capricious, than the German and East European sheep-dogs.

Turkmen wolfhound: appearance, features of leaving and contents


The Turkmen wolfhound – a large, brawny dog with a harmonious constitution. Heterosexual individuals have pronounced external differences. So, females reach in height about 65 cm, and males – from 70 cm. At dogs the humeral belt, lumbar department is more expressed, and in weight they reach not less than 55 kg. The weight of a dog at the same time has to be "correct", without excess fatty layer. in the world alabay was recognized as the biggest the Turkmen wolfhound living in Stavropol. In weight it reaches 125 kg.

The standard of breed allowed practically any color, but the majority of individuals has wool of light shades. 3 types of a color – brown, blue and red-brown are considered as inadmissible (cervine). The wolfhound алабай enters the rating of the largest pedigree dogs of the world and takes in it the 8th place.

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Character and education

The temperament at all representatives of breed is similar. Dogs have fearless, brave character and are always ready to enter open opposition even with a large animal. The security instinct at them is very well developed. of the Dog of this breed are balanced, pride, capricious and independent. the Representatives of breed showing unreasonable aggression and nervousness are discarded from cultivation.

Dogs of this breed are allocated with self-sufficiency, but at the same time the contact with the owner is necessary for them. Alabay-turkmen he is sincerely devoted to the owner and is ready to protect any minute him, even at the cost of the life. Representatives of this breed are friendly, but as their size very impressive, to families with small children (6 years are younger) such pet better not to get. Children in family have to understand clearly that a wolfhound not a soft toy and it is necessary to treat it with respect. Parents, in turn, have to understand that the dog perfectly distinguishes the child from the adult and will not submit to a small penis of family.

Representatives of breed can get on with other pets only on condition of early socialization. The dog of the small size or a cat will not be perceived alabay properly, and it can do them harm. The owner has to consider this factor, buying a puppy Turkmen alaby. If in the house already there lives an adult cat, then the puppy needs to be acquainted with her gradually. In case the cat was acquired after the wolfhound lodged in the house, at their first meeting there has to be an owner. And it is better that the cat was not admitted close to a dog at first. Despite the fact that whether there are in the house pets, the pet nevertheless needs to be socialized at puppyish age. The puppy Turkmen alaby needs to be acquainted during walks with other people and animals, and then the lost cat will not cause in the matured wolfhound of aggression.

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Leaving and maintenance

The dog Turkmen алабай is not intended for accommodation in the city apartment, and its future owner has to understand it. Some fans of dogs do not realize that accommodation of a large dog in an apartment house extremely negatively affects her mentality and the general state of health.

the country house will be the Best place for keeping of this dog. Representatives of this breed perfectly transfer even severe frosts and thanks to it can live in the open-air cage even in winter season. The box of a dog has to be located surely in such place that the dog could survey all site, otherwise it will not even come into it. It is also important to remember that keeping of the Central Asian sheep-dog in a country cottage does not exempt the owner from daily walks with a dog.

Care of a dog of this breed is simple. It is enough to bathe the pet twice a year and it is good to comb out wool in the period of a molt. Eyes Turkmen alaby need to be examined on existence of inflammations regularly.

Turkmen wolfhound: appearance, features of leaving and contents

As ears of the Central Asian sheep-dog are stopped, the owner with ease can watch their state. At too short knocking over at a dog the risk of developing of otitis therefore it is necessary to clean well ears 2 times a week by means of the wadded disk which is previously moistened in children's oil increases. It is better to accustom a dog to a hairstyle of claws from puppyish age that further holding this procedure did not cause problems. Representatives of this breed more than others are subject to the attacks of fleas, ticks and worms therefore it is necessary to watch the state of health of the pet carefully.

The attention is required also by teeth of the Turkmen wolfhound, especially when changing dairy on radical. At this time it is necessary to exclude from a diet of a dog of a stone as their swallowing can lead to shaking of cutters and a curvature. Further teeth of the pet need to be brushed at emergence of a raid.

Despite the impressive sizes, wolfhounds do not eat a large number of food. needs to watch a diet of the Central Asian sheep-dog carefully. As young individuals are vigorous, at their diet there should not be a high-carbohydrate food. It is possible to adjust portions of the pet by means of tracking of weight. Dogs of this breed are inclined to a fast set of excess weight, and obesity can lead further to a serious illness of joints and the cardiovascular system of an animal.

Turkmen wolfhound: appearance, features of leaving and contents

It is the best of all to feed the Central Asian sheep-dog with natural food, namely meat, cereals, vegetables and fruit. It is periodically possible to give to a dog the ocean fish rich with amino acids and minerals necessary for his organism. Dairy products need to be entered gradually and if at a dog diarrhea is not shown after its use, then it is possible to add it to a diet periodically. If the dog does not like dairy products and she refuses their use, you should not impose violently them. It is necessary to add to a diet of the dog eating natural food, vitamin complexes.

Dogs of this breed can be fed with both industrial dry and tinned feeds. at the same time should get the forages intended for large pedigree dogs. Before achievement by the Central Asian sheep-dog of 3-year age her diet has to consist only of forages with the enhanced structure. Puppy food alaby and elderly dogs has to be a superpremium class, and for adult individuals – not below a premium.

Turkmen wolfhound: appearance, features of leaving and contents

Health of the Turkmen wolfhound

This breed of dog has big life expectancy – from 12 to 15 years. At the same time unblooded individuals live much less – up to 10 years. Representatives of this breed also have a tendency to some diseases. First of all dogs are inclined to a dysplasia of joints which is caused by their large sizes. But this disease is most often shown at a dog only at advanced age. Metises have tendency to arthritis, arthrosis and a miozit.

The Turkmen alaba leading low-active lifestyle are predisposed to developing of arrhythmia and heart attacks at advanced age. Most often as the myocardial infarction reason at a wolfhound also serves obesity.

When crossing the Central Asian sheep-dog with other pedigree dogs dogs of this breed can have some hereditary illnesses. Most often puppies half-blooded have too short and rather thin wool, a disproportionate constitution, ophthalmologic illnesses and problems with an endocrine system.

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Unsterilized females considerably have a risk of development of purulent inflammation of a uterus. This disease most often demands surgery and further observation from the veterinarian.

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