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When the inhabitant hears the concept "grooming of dogs", it represents an animal hairstyle. But actually the grooming is a complex of hygienic procedures: here not only the hairstyle and laying, but also a pedicure, coloring, a tattoo enters. The hairstyle and laying change a dog, showing her natural advantages. In English there is a word "groom" which is translated into Russian how "to look after". It is possible to tell that the grooming is a complex of procedures for care of a dog. Owners of pets periodically look after favourites, and it is correct. Dogs they need to wash, comb, clean paws. Some manufacturers cut the favourites, but It is necessary to tell that results from such experiments can be different. Therefore if you are not sure that you will cope with work of the groomer, then entrust the favourite to the professional better!

the Grooming is a complex hygienic процедур.

Подробней about a grooming

Couple of decades ago owners did not resort to services of the groomer. Dogs were cut only if had to participate in exhibitions. The grooming developed gradually, and today it is possible to see already many "dog hairdressing salons". of Service price different as everything depends on the level of salon. Despite a large number a grooming salons, some owners cut the favourite independently. It is possible to study specialized literature and to study grooming elements. To improve the acquired skills, it is worth attending courses. Hygienic, cosmetic and creative procedures have one purpose — to give to a dog a well-groomed look.

of the Dog were cut only if had to participate in выставках.

Процедуры in salons

Combing is carried out with use of a furminator. In salon of your favourite redeem, will make a hairstyle of wool and claws. Toothbrushing and ears can be carried out also at home, but for this purpose it is necessary to use special means. Is recommended to accustom a dog to hygiene, and since early years. Thus, she will feel more comfortably in an office at the groomer. Distinguish a house and professional grooming. It is important to note that the looking after procedures are carried out with different frequency. Hair of a dog should be combed once a day, to cut claws – 1 time in 15 days, and to clean ears – 1 time in 30 days. The grooming of a dog is always demanded. Hygienic procedures are necessary for each animal (the breed does not play a role here). of Special leaving demand:

  • Australian shepherd;
  • Russian wolfhound;
  • Pomeranian spitz-dog.

Types of a Grooming of Dogs

The purpose of a hairstyle is to truncate the grown-up wool, to give to a dog tidy look. Shortening of wool is necessary and in order that it was simpler to owner to look after the pet. The hairstyle of a dog can be various. Happens so that it does not conform to the standard of breed. If the dog does not participate in an exhibition, then it is possible to choose for her any hairstyle, the main thing that it looked harmoniously and emphasized advantages.

the Concept "exhibition grooming" is extensive. In this case to the master needs to cut a dog according to standards of breed. The specialized hairstyle as any another emphasizes advantages of concrete breed. It is important to note also that such hairstyle hides shortcomings. To give to an image completeness, it is necessary to make laying (before the action).

the Grooming for dogs (video)

Non-standard procedures

The exhibition grooming not only shows advantages of a dog, but also allows to receive awards. The creative grooming belongs to the separate category. It is the complex of procedures allowing to underline uniqueness of a specific dog. Such procedures can be combined with hygienic.

Not each owner decides on a creative grooming. But the true professional knows subtleties of the work therefore he will easily turn a dog into the work of art. The non-standard grooming emphasizes singularity of breed, it allows a dog to show identity. Depending on the owner's wishes the master can cut off patterns on the pet's body. Wool can be painted, made on it applique with the help a rhinestone. Hairstyles with bows and hairpins are demanded.

To pets often do a hair "Tone of notes". For its creation it is necessary to use a bow. Such hairstyles not only emphasize identity of an animal, but also protect eyes from dust and fibers.

If to speak about kinds of a hairstyle, then it is worth mentioning trimming. In the course of the procedure the master uses scissors and the special machine. The short hairstyle has the name of a clipper, and that that is carried out according to the standard of breed - it is флитвик.

Types of a Grooming of Dogs

The procedure assuming removal of the died-off wool is called stripping. Mainly it is necessary to animals with rigid wool (Yorkshire terriers). For plucking out of wool the special device is used. The procedure of rolling represents a kind of stripping. It is recommended to animals who participate in exhibitions.

As for a hygienic hairstyle, it is necessary for each dog. When performing such hairstyle the master pays attention to a zone of ears; a small amount of wool is cut off around eyes. It is important to note that on exhibitions take the dogs cut under the standard of a certain breed. In this case it is inadmissible to paint wool and to do on a tattoo body. When choosing a hygienic hairstyle it is necessary to consider seasonality. It is better to cut dogs shortly in the summer. Thus, their skin will not mist over and be irritated, and it will be simpler to owner to look after wool. The short hairstyle has many advantages. It will be possible to notice in due time ticks on animal hair.

the Non-standard grooming is the whole art. not everyone owns its elements. To realize creative imagination of the owner, the groomer needs to show the art talent. The original hairstyle has to be selected with taste and taking into account characteristics of concrete breed. Then it will be possible to emphasize the dignity of the pet. Unusual hairstyles and laying well look on compact doggies therefore it is important to consider this feature. At the same time the master of an original grooming has to give advice concerning the hairstyle chosen by the owner. Perhaps, for this dog it will be inappropriate.

Types of a Grooming of Dogs

of Tatu, drawings and coloring of wool

On a body at a pet it is possible to do a tattoo, to cut off the original picture. The non-standard grooming assumes wool painting, a pedicure and piercing. Original hairstyles sometimes cost a pretty penny. But if to entrust the favourite to the professional, then the result will justify the spent means. Are demanded hairstyles in style of a lion. Very lovely they look on tiny doggies. To create such hairstyle, it is necessary to cut wool on a body, and to issue the head in the form of a large ball. It is curious to note that to poodles such hairstyle was done in the middle of the 20th century.

Before making a pattern on a body of an animal, it is necessary to think over it carefully. The master can cut off an original pad, warmly, a floret. Wool on the place of a pattern is painted. The imagination of some owners prompts to make composition on a body of a pet. Such ideas are more expensive as the master spends more time and forces. One of the last innovations are tattoos on a body of a dog. They are not tattoos in our representation. Transfers are applied to skin. Creation of a dog tattoo is a process painless. The picture keeps up to 1 month.

The creative grooming also includes creation of gold socks on paws. On a neck of a pet it is possible to make "necklace" in the form of hearts or leaves. There are tattoos which are poured in the dark – they look very interestingly.

How to look after a dog (video)

As it was noted, the non-standard grooming is and a pedicure for dogs. To paint a marigold of an animal, it is necessary to apply special varnish, usual will not approach! Varnishes for animals are safe as they do not contain harmful solvents. Piercing is a procedure disputable. The animal can touch inadvertently ornament and put itself a trauma. An alternative of piercing are transfers, the same braids and bows. If the owner does not know what hairstyle will suit his favourite, then it is necessary to consult with "the dog hairdresser" – the groomer.

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