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the Spring and summer period is dangerous by activization of parasites therefore at this time it is necessary to buy a collar from fleas for dogs. Ticks and fleas bring to animals discomfort and also can become the reason of many serious diseases. Devices against insects are divided into 3 views: chemical, biological, ultrasonic. All of them act differently.

Types of Dog Collars from Fleas
the Collar from fleas and ticks for dogs is a flexible film with a buckle for which production it is used пластик

Химические collars

The collar from fleas and ticks for dogs is a flexible film with a buckle for which production plastic is used. This type of rims is impregnated with the special chemical compositions which kill ticks and fleas. The product possesses a peculiar smell.

That chemicals began to become more active, put a rim on the pet. On his body it begins to heat up, poison which gets on skin is emitted. After that it extends on wool and comes to air. It will be allocated poison so much how many it is necessary for extermination of parasites. If the owner decided to use a chemical product, then his pet has to be in a visibility range the first hours. The matter is that some animals can suffer from individual intolerance therefore emergence of allergic reactions and dermatitis is possible.

Action of a chemical rim continues within 5-7 months. This time is enough that skin of a dog was cleared of ticks and other insects. Toxic agent begins to work not at once, about 7 days will leave on that skin therefore for the night the product is forbidden to be removed became impregnated with it.

There are also certain minuses: existence of a pungent smell and impossibility of carrying by the pregnant and feeding boughs and also puppies.

Types of Dog Collars from Fleas

Biological devices

As a part of a species of a collar there are herbs and essential oils therefore they are used for all dogs, irrespective of age and a state. It is especially important that pregnant and sick animals can carry them. Action of these repellents is based on scaring away of wreckers, but not destruction. Ticks and fleas are frightened off by a pungent smell of herbs and oils. The lack of these rims consists in short action of repellents. After a while they lose the frightening-off properties. Detailed information is stated in the instruction.

Today the new biocollar against pincers and other parasites "Celandine" enjoys popularity. The product does not irritate the skin, differs in high degree of safety. The biocollar does not contain pesticides, is impregnated with essential oils which frighten off parasites. The celandine is recommended to be used for puppies, it can be put on the patients weakened and pregnant animals.

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Ultrasonic products

These modern and very expensive means will suit all dogs – regardless of breed and age. They consist of the collar and adaptation on batteries which publishes ultrasound. It frightens off parasites who avoid an animal.

Products differ in lack of chemicals and smells, do not render side effects. The principle of their action consists in scaring away of fleas, ticks and other parasites by means of emitted signals of a certain force. Minus is that for work as an electronic component it is necessary to charge batteries.

Ultrasonic products are put on only walk time.

All collars depending on the sizes of pets are subdivided into 3 groups – for:

  • small – length reaches 38 cm;
  • average – 55 cm;
  • – it is more than 70 cm of large breeds

Types of Dog Collars from Fleas

Pluses and minuses

There is a number of undoubted pluses of means of fight against fleas and ticks. K to them belong:

  • usability;
  • moderate cost;
  • lack of discomfort at the pet;
  • gigenichnost;
  • the broad spectrum of activity is enough.

Biological products do not constitute any health hazard of dogs and chemical have no harmful impact on their organism. It is all about the minimum concentration of active toxic agent.

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The collar from pincers for dogs has a number of shortcomings. Carrying products on the basis of chemical can entail emergence:

  • allergic dermatitis;
  • salivary and dacryagogues;
  • sneezing;
  • nagger;
  • hypostases, etc.

It is connected with individual intolerance of some components therefore it is the best of all to visit the veterinarian before use. Generally such manifestations it is possible to notice during the first hours wearing a collar therefore attentive observation of a dog is necessary. If the owner noticed suspicious signs, then a product it is necessary to remove and address the veterinarian. At misuse even the qualitative collar against fleas can do to an animal harm.

Types of Dog Collars from Fleas

Councils for use

Before putting on a collar, it is necessary to survey area of a neck of an animal scrupulously. At it there should not be external damages. If there are abscesses, scratches, it is necessary to cure them in the beginning. Application of an accessory is calculated on healthy skin.

The same concerns also existence of ticks, fleas and other parasites of whom it is necessary to get rid, and after - to put on a collar.

During the first days of carrying it is not necessary to walk with a dog in the forest and also any unfamiliar places.

It is forbidden to use at the same time a collar and other antibacterial medicines.

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The wrong application even of the most expensive and checked product will not yield positive result. The new rim needs to be straightened and to pull slightly that the animal did not feel uncomfortable. Having put a collar on a dog, it is necessary to adjust it. Between it and a neck it is necessary to leave distance not less than 1.5 cm. The excess end can be cut off. The detailed instruction is attached to a product.

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