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It is known that animals are different, and sometimes to keep the health and life of children, it is necessary to use an otpugivatel of dogs. It is a humane way which allows to get off quickly an animal and not to allow his attack. Recently in many settlements it is possible to see the whole packs of stray dogs. They run on playgrounds and the yards of inhabited massifs. The homeless animals do not know rules of conduct at all, quite often are afraid and angry with people. Therefore they can attack. The danger of such situation cannot be estimated as some street animals are carriers of diseases, and numerous stings can become the reason of a lethal outcome for the person.

Types of Otpugivatel of Dogs and Their Feature
Presently otpugivatel enjoy considerable popularity.
practically in all cities can meet Presently by

vagrant animals. It not only those dogs who were born on the street, but also the former house favourites. Irresponsible manufacturers just throw out on the street of dogs when those bother them. The former domestic dogs very quickly turn into the real animals who can snatch on any, and small children especially often suffer.

The problem is also that quite often parents panic and do not know how to be in such situation. The best decision will be to frighten off an animal. If in a pocket there is a special device, then to cope with a difficult situation it will turn out quickly.

Presently otpugivatel enjoy considerable popularity. Therefore they are offered by many producers. They develop all new devices. However 3 main types of the device for protection against dogs are in the lead so far.

Types of Otpugivatel of Dogs and Their Feature
in many settlements can see Recently the whole packs of stray dogs.

What is an otpugivatel

Means of scaring away of dogs can be executed in several options. Any device for scaring away of dogs is called the doser. Range of an otpugivatel in many respects depends on device type. The most effective work at distance about 13 m. Such result can achieve when using an ultrasonic otpugivatel. Similar options are considered as the best presently.

Devices which allow to drive away an animal on a certain distance to prevent attack on the person, run into money. Therefore Jacks of all trades learned to manufacture them independently. It is significantly cheaper, but for such work special knowledge is necessary. If they are absent, then it is better to buy the ready device.

the Ultrasonic device is considered not only the most effective frightening-off device, but also safe. the Person can use such device without risk to get poisoning or a trauma. Otpugivatel just gives a signal of high power which proceeds at a frequency which is not heard for people, but dogs very sharply react to a similar ultrasonic wave. They are developed at once and run off.

Feature of similar devices is that they are capable to drive away not one individual, and at once the whole pack. From quantity of animals the efficiency of an otpugivatel does not change. The device even works at the most distant of admissible distances, but the closer, the stronger the dog will feel a signal, unpleasant for it.

Types of otpugivatel of dogs (video)

of Feature of ultrasonic devices

Similar devices enjoy the greatest popularity at people who often should face vagrant dogs and other street animals. But device cost seems to some quite high therefore they prefer a self-made otpugivatel. Its production requires a number of accessories, and, above all – ability to create really effective device. If there are no skills of similar work, then you should not try to collect an ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs by the hands. The wrong actions can lead to the fact that the device it will not be simple to perform the functions or will begin to have negative impact on a human body. Both situations are very dangerous.

It should be noted that impact of ultrasound on animals became wide to be used not only for a solution with street dogs . Devices of this kind apply to expel rodents and to be protected from mosquitoes. Besides certain frequencies of ultrasound can have negative effect on birds that will allow to keep a harvest from invasion of feathery wreckers.

The device in itself does not contain anything difficult. It consists of four basic elements: opovestitel of ultrasonic type, generator, accumulator and case. But all this needs to be collected correctly, and, above all – to find suitable components which give waves. Further everything gathers according to the scheme so that when pressing the button there was a delivery of ultrasonic waves at a special frequency. Quite often during creation of the device for scaring away of dogs of the master use accessories which were involved in various household appliances earlier: in radio, loudspeakers, old mobile phones, etc.

As for an otpugivatel of dogs, the scheme at assembly has to be considered in accuracy. Further everything gathers in accordance with the established procedure, and later it is necessary to check the received device. There comes one of the most dangerous moments. If at the first meeting with vagrant dogs it turns out that the device works incorrectly, then not to avoid problems. Not to allow similar situations, it is worth getting the certified means nevertheless. It will be so more reliable and safer.

Types of Otpugivatel of Dogs and Their Feature

Types of devices

Similar devices differ on extent of impact on an animal organism. From all options which are offered in specialized shops presently ultrasonic are considered as the most effective and safe. They do not do harm to the person, but also do not make serious impact on a dog. It is simple when the animal hears a signal, unpleasant for it, it tries to leave as it is possible further. The principle of operation of ultrasonic devices is also based on it.

Besides, there are 2 more types of devices which can be used for scaring away of animals. It is an electric shocker and a gas otpugivatel. Stun guns are quite effective as give the chance to use 2 options of work. In the first case the dog is just frightened a crash and noise which publishes the device, and an ozone smell, unpleasant for it. However it adjusts some vagrant dogs on even more aggressive harmony. As a result it is necessary to use the second option – to use the device in close proximity to a dog then for a while will paralyze her.

This device has several impressive minuses. It is worth noticing that it is possible to use the second option of work of a shocker only in that case when the animal is very close. Here the maximum dexterity is required not to fall a victim of a sting. Moreover, sometimes the electronic otpugivatel of dogs in practice is too powerful. It can just kill an animal.

One more option of an otpugivatel who can be used for protection against vagrant animals is the chemical device. It is the gas spray which contains red pepper or synthetic substance MPA (morfolid pelargonovy acid). Means is very powerful therefore only one dispersion suffices to drive away even the biggest dog or the ill-wisher in the dark lane. It is necessary to use a barrel very accurately. Otherwise it is possible most to inhale poisonous gas.

Types of Otpugivatel of Dogs and Their Feature

of the Rule of the choice

When choosing the gas spray it is necessary to pay attention to its structure. It is desirable to take means which will not be too toxic. It is enough to get a usual pepper barrel reliably to protect themselves from stray dogs and many other dangers.

Buying a shocker, surely specify its power. If it too big, it is worth refusing such purchase. Excessively powerful electric otpugivatel not only will kill a dog, but also can become the reason of huge problems with health at the person if by accident it tests a shocker on itself(himself). It is necessary to look at all degrees of protection of the similar device attentively. More than once there were cases when, being in a pocket of the person, the device worked that led to big problems and even to tragedies.

the safest for people the device for scaring away of dogs of ultrasonic type is considered . It is also recommended by experts. When choosing the similar device it is necessary to pay attention to frequency as dogs will react only to a certain range of decibels. It is desirable to buy the device which gives ultrasonic waves from 80 to 135 dB.

Besides, experts recommend to pay attention to such parameter as signal power. The distance at which animals will keep from the person depends on it. Here it is necessary to consider that in the registration certificate to the device only the maximum number of meters will be specified. But it does not say that all dogs will react quite so. Therefore it is worth halving the specified figure at once. If in the instruction to an otpugivatel it is specified that he works for 20 m, then on average animals will run off on 10. It is quite enough to protect themselves from attack.

When choosing an otpugivatel of any type it is necessary to pay attention to its design. It should be taken into account that the device has to be so convenient that it could use freely even in a stressful situation. The convenient location of buttons will allow to use the device at once. If it has to be arranged in addition in a hand, then it can cost to the person of precious seconds.

Types of Otpugivatel of Dogs and Their Feature

Popular models

In the market of similar products the huge range of otpugivatel who allow to be protected from dogs is offered. However not all from them are noteworthy: some are too dangerous, others are ineffective or simply inconvenient. Nevertheless there are several models which received many good reviews from users.

Device Thunder 250 is in the first place . This is very convenient otpugivatel of ultrasonic type which is in addition equipped with a small lamp therefore it can be used at any time. These are products of the Chinese firm.

Very good device – the American Dazer. Users highly appreciated it not only for efficiency, but also for the small sizes and also a possibility of fastening on clothes or on a bag.

From the Russian devices the best otpugivatel is a Cobra. It not only works at the expense of ultrasound, but also gives bright flashes of light which very much frighten animals.

How to make an otpugivatel of dogs (video)

If no device approached, it is possible to make a pepper barrel as a last resort independently. For this purpose the spray, water, black pepper, vinegar and mustard powder is required. Means not bad works, but it is inconvenient to use it.

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