• Aug 29, 2019

Dogs with unsuccessful destiny become negative dogs often. And before making the decision to take such pet in the family, it is necessary to know who are they – dogs with unsuccessful destiny and why dogs become unsuccessful?

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Who such unsuccessful dogs?

Unsuccessful dogs sometimes are born, but become much more often. Who such unsuccessful dogs?

  1. Unsuccessful the dog can be already since the birth . It happens when there are, for example, genetic diseases and also these are the victims of industrial or cellular cultivation.
  2. the Dog becomes unsuccessful owing to ill treatment . Alas, this problem exists around the world, but somewhere it is tried to be solved at the level of the legislation, and somewhere (for example, in the countries of the former Soviet Union) to achieve responsibility for ill treatment of an animal extremely difficult, and cruel men use it. The image of breed influences ill treatment probability – for example, the Central Asian sheep-dogs are quite often thrown out as they "insufficiently well protect" or, on the contrary, "excessively aggressive". Rottweilers, pit bull terriers, even German shepherds suffer (who – here it is surprising! – are not born already knowing all teams). Decorative breeds suffer – but are more often because opportunities to behave as dogs are deprived, and are perceived as toys or accessories.
  3. Dogs from shelters and overexposures . Unfortunately, time of a dog from a shelter or from overexposure cause more problems to new owners, than the dog who is picked up on the street. Alas, volunteers of shelters and owners of overexposures, including paid, are not always experts in behavior of dogs. All five freedoms are often broken , dogs walk a little, live in extremely grown poor environment, they form the learned helplessness.
  4. Dogs whose five freedoms a long time were broken – sometimes for the best. Than more freedoms were broken and the longer the dog received less the fact that it is necessary for her, the it is more than problems with behavior and health.

What problems unsuccessful dogs and their owners most often face?

  • Fears: streets, people, dogs, in general all new.
  • Untidiness.
  • Disturbing frustration.
  • the Learnt helplessness.
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Myths about unsuccessful dogs

  1. "She tries to dominate!" the Theory of domination became outdated still in the nineties the 20th centuries. Dogs live in communities with nonlinear hierarchy, and sometimes it is not so simple to understand who the leader in pack. "The one who the first passes at a door and eats with the first" — absolutely quite another thing. And the dog with the highest status is not the most aggressive dog. Besides, the large role is played by the importance of a resource: if food is extremely important for a dog, she will battle for it very much, and someone "to victorious" will protect a toy. Besides, dogs perfectly know that the person is not other dog, they are not so silly to confuse people and dogs. So if the dog is nervous and shows aggression - it is not a prepotent dog, but just unsuccessful. Perhaps, the owner tortured her alpha throws or pridushivaniye.
  2. "The dog has to maintain a quarantine" . The quarantine, certainly, is important, but recently researchers even more often say that the risk of the psychological problems connected with a quarantine exceeds risk of a dog to catch. It is optional to drag a puppy on the general walking, but it is possible to walk with it in safe places or to hold on hands, at the same time giving the chance to receive new impressions – it is safe and dosed.

Why dogs become unsuccessful?

Alas, but almost always a dog people do by unsuccessful. There are three main mistakes of the owner which become the reasons of the majority of problems of a dog:

  1. Unpredictability of the owner and inhuman treatment (contradictory requirements, beating, suffocation, alpha throws, etc.)
  2. Lack of predictability of the environment , chaos in life of a dog. It is necessary to find and observe balance between predictability and a variety of the environment.
  3. Inhumane ammunition. Inhumane ammunition always (sooner or later) causes problems with health and behavior. Most often it is aggression – in relation to other dogs or to people. And aggression, in turn — one of the most common causes of refusal of the pet.

If a dog lives in such conditions, is afraid of punishment and constantly waits for danger, the contact with the owner collapses, and the dog becomes nervous, irritable or coward, that is unsuccessful.

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