• Mar 31, 2019

dogs from experienced manufacturers. At the same time there will be a confidence in their good health and the correct development. However some fans of animals feel sorry for the doggie seen in the yard and bring it to themselves to the house. In this case it is necessary to address at once professionals and to remember their councils. For those who took a puppy from the street these recommendations have to become a grant which will help to avoid many mistakes.

Councils for Those Who Took a Puppy from the Street

Correct operations procedure

Life of any street dog is quite difficult. He needs to look for food, to fight for the territory and to find the place for a lodging for the night. All this leads to deterioration in the state of health and emergence of various psychological problems. Considering these features, it is necessary to look after correctly the picked-up puppy and to adapt it to new life.

Sequence of actions:

How to Look After a Puppy

  • A campaign to the veterinarian and delivery of all necessary analyses.
  • Washing of a puppy and disposal of fleas.
  • Performance of all necessary inoculations.
  • Sterilization of an animal (if it is necessary).
  • Providing with all necessary objects (bowls, collars, toys).
  • Daily feeding and leaving.

Councils of professionals

Care of a mongrel differs from care of a thoroughbred dog a little. Therefore all those who decided to take themselves the pet from the street have to take the following councils of experienced manufacturers into account. the Most important among them are such:

The Correct Care of a Puppy from the Street

  • It is not necessary to treat independently the animal who is picked up on the street as there is no confidence in his general state. In most cases mongrels suffer from exhaustion and can not transfer all procedures performed without the assistance of the veterinarian.
  • On hair of any mongrel there are a lot of parasites who can pass to the person. Because of it it is necessary to wash carefully the dog brought home with special means.
  • It is important to do all provided vaccination. Only in this case it is possible to be sure of safety of an animal for the person.
  • In order that the dog got used to a new situation quicker, it needs to pay much attention. In the first few days it is necessary to take the maximum care and caress. So the puppy will understand that he is in safety, and will not begin to break loose.
  • In most cases the mongrel will eat any food. However it is necessary to accustom gradually her to the chosen diet and not to indulge various delicacies.
  • In the first several weeks the animal who is picked up on the street can be afraid of the owner and try to escape from him. That it did not occur, it is not necessary to lower a puppy from a lead 1 or 2 months.

the puppy who is Picked up on the street needs the correct leaving and medical examination.

If not to neglect each obligatory stage, then it is possible to turn quickly a mongrel into a well-groomed and healthy domestic dog .

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