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the West Highland White Terrier appeared at us absolutely accidentally. I went to one of the known nurseries "Alois Deli" , and there was just a two-month puppy whom the owner of nursery offered me. So in addition to tsvergshnautser at us appeared small вестик – the girl Marie Antoinette. To it 9 years.

West Highland White Terrier of a Photo On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

What special is in West Highland White Terriers?

Vest-haylendy – peculiar dogs, with special teryersky character. We have also tsvergshnautser, but they more appeasable, friendly study easier. Vestiki very beautiful externally, but character of the real terrier at them. They are cocky, hold the ground and protect the owner on the street. Friendship with dogs at them selective. It is possible to tell that вестик – a little dog who feels big.

We have 3 West Highland White Terriers now and all of them are relatives (mother, the daughter and the granddaughter). The top position in hierarchy now was taken by the youngest dog, and most of all she "terrorizes" the mother.

We have also cats, very sociable and sociable which love dogs. Therefore our vestik are on friendly terms with them.

Puppy of a West Highland White Terrier and Cat of a Photo

On a photo: puppy of a West Highland White Terrier and cat

of Observation of the manufacturer: Courage and ability to adaptation in new conditions depend on a specific dog. Our senior dog "without complexes" and comfortably feels in any situation, but on trips in the car is nervous. The average dog careful, is rather afraid new, but she best of all transfers the road. A the youngest very much cheerful, mobile, is on friendly terms with all dogs and their owners. they are not afraid of of Loud sounds, petards.

A West Highland White Terrier – the norny dog brought for persecution of small animals, and the prosecution instinct at them remained fully. Therefore on the street they with pleasure send cats, can climb under the car and be stained completely. But this dog obeys the owner.

West Highland White Terriers love полаять, but it can be adjusted. But (for example, on neighbors) they do not react to familiar sounds and smells.

In the city we walk only on a lead. On the walkings remote from transport, I lower them, but all the same I try to remove in such time that, for example, there were no people from work in large quantities – they can bark at passersby, especially if those go, leaning on a cane or bear big bags, for example.

of Observation of the manufacturer: However, West Highland White Terriers are not inclined to aggression. I cannot present what could anger them seriously. They are quite tender. Our dog subdued all staff of grumersky salon – she during trimming not movably lay and only licked them hands. But it is individual too – sometimes during trimming whists should muzzle. Probably, it is wine of the owner who did not accustom the pet to procedures.

West Highland White Terriers are not strongly dependent on the owner and do not need his round-the-clock presence row. Owners of our puppies tell that they sleep peacefully when owners at work, do not whine, do not bark and spoil nothing even at puppyish age.

Puppies of a West Highland White Terrier of a Photo

On a photo: puppies of a West Highland White Terrier

your West Highland White Terriers Took some courses of training?

No, did not pass. In principle, it is possible to train vest-Highland-uayt-terrov, though it is more difficult, than tsvergshnautser.

Our dogs know the main teams ("Place" "to Sit", "Faugh", "Nearby", "To me"), they acquire household teams well. But to train to obey them as, for example, guard dogs, I think, it will hardly turn out.

West Highland White Terrier in a Photo Rack

On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

Vesta with pleasure puppies play with toys, especially. With them it is also possible to study tricks.

I know that for West Highland White Terriers hold special competitions: construct an artificial hole labyrinth in which center in a cage the rat sits. The dog, naturally, does not touch this rat – that is protected by a cage, but it has to find it and we bark to signal.

It is how difficult to look after a West Highland White Terrier?

After 3 months thorough care of hair of a West Highland White Terrier begins.

It is wire-haired dogs, and it is desirable to trim them each 2 – 3 months. The top layer of long wool is pulled out, the feeling of multiple layers, and thanks to it wool of whists waterproof is created, rigid and it is not soiled.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: Completely it is desirable to bathe a West Highland White Terrier 1 time in 2 weeks and, of course, before exhibitions or when he accidentally gets dirty on walk. Before trimming the dog does not bathe at least in a week – then easier to pull out wool.

To look after hair of a West Highland White Terrier it is possible to learn most, but for this purpose it is necessary to stay for a while at least several times thus as it is done by the professional. I give to all owners of our puppies the help and support, even I train in elements of care of wool that to them it was simpler.

West Highland White Terrier of a Photo

On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

In dirty weather we use overalls. These dogs are not afraid of a frost and walk without overalls.

Vestika very much like to rock in snow and in a grass. Any of our dogs cannot bypass a big pool.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: It is better to walk with a West Highland White Terrier 2 – 3 times in day. It seems to me, they suffer less, than other breeds. The minimum duration of walk, in my opinion, has to be 20 – 40 minutes. If there is an opportunity in the summer to take out a dog to the dacha, then she will be happy to run on the street the whole day.

West Highland White Terrier on a Photo Grass On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

How to feed a West Highland White Terrier?

My West Highland White Terriers eat a dry feed of high quality, and happens so that the forage in a bowl costs till the evening. That is you will not call them gluttons.

More they love natural food. If to offer something from natural products, eat at once.

They do not suffer from theft though our average dog likes to check bags.

West Highland White Terrier of a Photo

On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

As you prepare West Highland White Terriers for exhibitions?

It is possible to employ the professional handler, but I expose the dogs.

The greatest attention is required by wool. One week prior to an exhibition of a West Highland White Terrier it is necessary to wash, make a cosmetic hairstyle, before an exhibition – to comb.

As a rule, on a ring these dogs behave not aggressively, move normally so in the ring there are no special nuances.

As far as West Highland White Terrier healthy dog?

My dogs do not complain of health. It is difficult to me to tell to what diseases they are predisposed, a lot of things depend on genetics. The only thing – if you take a bough, then, in my opinion, when it ceases to give birth to puppies, it needs to be sterilized that there were no inflammatory processes.

The West Highland White Terrier Lies on a Photo Bed

On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

Who will suit a West Highland White Terrier?

It seems to me that girls more appeasable and friendly, and boys are more inclined to show character. Therefore it is better for the beginning dog breeder to bring the girl.

West Highland White Terriers well get on with children so they can be brought as a family dog.

West Highland White Terrier under a Photo Fir-tree

On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

The owner is necessary to them not strongly nervous and irritable because these dogs are choleric persons. They are very mobile and if the person excitable and irritable, the pet enrages surges in activity. The person has to be rather quiet and balanced, kind and love dogs.

Besides, care of a vest-haylen-uayt-terrier demands a lot of money and time – to it needs to be ready!

A photo from personal archive of Elena Sosnovskaya

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