• Jan 30, 2019

are inclined to select For the nature of the dog during walks everything that it seems to them suitable in food. It can be dangerous for a number of reasons, however there are ways to disaccustom a dog there is on the street a garbage.

How to Disaccustom a Dog There Is on the Street a Garbage

Dogs willingly eat waste on which there were leftovers or only smelling of food even if have just dinner. The pet can use cunning and do it while the owner does not see that he complicates education of four-footed even more.

Why the dog selects waste

there Are several explanations for the fact that the pet tries to eat any muck:

  1. Hunting breed of an animal.
  2. Long stay on a chain or in the closed space.
  3. Needs for development.
  4. Lack of minerals and minerals.

How to Disaccustom a Dog Is from the Earth

the Reason can disappear in breed , the created reflexes which at the gene level passed from father to son. Ancestors of a dog taught to sniff up and try to discover production, and then to eat it is it and tries to imitate. As an example it is possible to cite the hunting representative of breed a Labrador.

Dogs need a lot of activity. They have the developed intelligence, regular exercises are necessary for them to support him up to standard. For this reason of a dog actively investigate surrounding objects and eat garbage.

If the pet also rolls on food garbage — means, at it the tergorovy reflex worked. In the nature predators thus kill the natural smell imperceptibly to approach production. And the domestic dog only submits to an ancient instinct.

A dog it is unimportant whether the garbage is edible, it is at home or on the street. She does not understand. that diseases and poisoning, infection with parasites can be result. That to avoid it, the owner has to bring up a dog correctly.

Food from a bowl

Food from a Bowl

Education is the most effective at children's age of a dog. It needs to accustom to be eaten only from a bowl or from the owner's hands.

Well the way of deduction before food for a short time works — it will teach a dog to patience and obedience. Over time the interval can be increased, and then to release the favourite and to give the command is. The main teams are well perceived: "faugh", "throw", "give", "to sit".

It is also necessary to forbid to eat what fell to a floor and to reward a dog for obedience.

Councils of dog breeders

To receive the maximum control over the pet, when walking it is always necessary to hold it on a lead. the Collar has to be very strong , as well as a lead, especially if breed large.

Ways of training of a dog:

How to Re-educate a Dog

  • To use a slingshot or a small plastic bottle with stones. If curious four-footed wants to try garbage, it is necessary to throw into it a small subject. At the same time it is important to remain unnoticed and to achieve effect of a fright, however without having done much harm to a dog.
  • In advance to prepare walking entertainments with something sharp inside. Well effective method, but can sometimes turn out that the stuffing was to the taste to a dog.
  • Mutually advantageous exchange. If the dog wants to pick up garbage, to call her and to offer something tasty. After a while she will begin to throw the find or will bring to the owner to eat later. It is necessary to deprive of a dog of this opportunity, having hidden or having thrown out the found garbage.
  • To walk a dog in a muzzle. However, there are advanced pets who can bypass also this protection.
  • To use the weak mousetrap. It is previously necessary to check it not to deprive an animal of language or a nose.
  • To make an ambush with involvement of the second person. To throw a tasty piece and when the dog tries to pick up it, to say team "faugh", to narugat if does not obey.
  • To communicate. During walking it is necessary to play much with the pet, to throw to it objects, favourite toys that it brought them back, to distract attention to useful effects. Implementation of commands and training will not leave to a dog of time to make undesirable acts.

Training of a Dog

To train animals it is difficult. You should not count on fast obtaining desirable result — it is necessary to be patient and at all not to be angry and not to beat a dog if he begins to obey not at once. The dog does not understand that to select garbage on the street not only is unhygienic, but also is life-threatening.

If ways of disposal of "garbage dependence" did not help or badly work, despite serious approach to training, is an occasion to see a doctor of veterinary service.

Perhaps, the dog selects garbage from a lack of vitamins and minerals. The doctor will appoint necessary additives to food and will point to problems with health of an animal.

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