• Aug 29, 2019

When we get a dog, most often we build in the head iridescent and idyllic pictures of ours with it lives. However the reality not always coincides with our dreams. Of course, if you from the very first days began to be engaged with your puppy, you have more chances to fix and form the correct behavior.

 the Dog listens to the person of a photo

As we provoke dogs to "bad" behavior?

Often we independently, without noticing that, we provoke a dog to implementation of behavior which will not be pleasant to us subsequently and against which we will want to fight. Do you want several examples?

EXAMPLE 1. Before leaving in shop or to work we go to iron a dog, we lament, calming: "Do not worry, I literally at several o'clock, do not get bored. I will return, we with you will go for a walk. Well you do such sad face?". Also we leave under a heavy look of our sad pet, and inside heart bursts in thousands of small splinters. There was to you similar?
I Congratulate
— you the hands forge behavior, quite difficult for correction: Alarm of parting.
EXAMPLE 2. You returned from work, urgently change clothes to bring your dog to hygienic walk — she stayed houses of nearly 10 hours. And while you change clothes, put on a breast-band, fasten a lead, heatedly keep saying: "Now, now, suffer still a little, we will already go". The dog is got, shifts from one foot to the other from a paw on a paw, takes you by hands or for a lead, barks. "Well now, I see that you already want, minute! Now only I will put on boots".
Bingo! With high probability you mold at present a dog who when collecting on the street will grab you hand, to bark and jump on you, to take out from an entrance, forcing down on the run of neighbors.
EXAMPLE 3. Your dog saw another, pulled a lead and began to bark. Such situations meet almost each day. What is done often in such situation by the owner? Usually this quite melodious, calming: "Santa, well you bark? Same good doggie, good , you see? It is not necessary to bark, it good !" Almost all our dogs know the word "Good" — they "good", and we often tell it to them when we iron when we give something tasty. Our dog barks and hears at herself behind the back: "Santa, bla-bla-bla-bla-bla, good doggie, good. UAV-bla-bla, good" .
What our dog in such situation understands? — correctly! It the good fellow, it is necessary to bark even stronger!
EXAMPLE 4. Or on the contrary: the owner is nervous because of indecent behavior of the pet, begins to swear and shout at it. The dog rushes to this moment on the rival, knows that she has an owner behind the back, and "together we — force!". the Owner shouts too and rushes behind the back, so he hates this dog too! "Hold me forty people! I will kill, I will prick out morgala!"

How to adjust behavior of an adult dog

I consider that the timely beginning of occupations at the competent instructor will help to avoid formation of uncomfortable behavior. The good instructor is usually more experienced, than an average sobakovladelets. He also knows to what behavioural nuances it is necessary to pay attention not to develop them. He notices the owner's errors which can provoke problem behavior at the pet. And, of course, knows how to solve already shown problem behavior.

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The expert analyzes the reasons of emergence of problem behavior and then offers a technique, and even a combination of techniques of correction.

Untidiness in the house, zoo - or cheloveko-aggression, alarm of parting, frequent bark or howl, fear of fireworks or a thunderstorm, an oblaivaniye of cyclists or athletes, inability to go on the sagged lead — here the most frequent reasons of the address to the specialist in correction of behavior of dogs.

But for the help of the trainer resort also for the solution of smaller behavioural nuances which are not really comfortable to the owner: the dog steals food from a table or begs, selects food on the street, does not listen to the owner, does not want to wash paws or to cut claws, is afraid of new objects, climbs on a bed …

At me is a good news: at correct and thoughtful (sometimes, quite long) any behavior of a dog gives in to work of correction.

Not always the problem can be resolved completely and finally, but to smooth, reduce it it turns out always. And it seems to me that one of our master's duties concerning our pet is just in giving him the chance to win against the fears, aggression, mistrust. As it is pleasant not to struggle with a canine friend all our joint 10 — 15 years of life, and to enjoy them.

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