• Dec 4, 2019

the American Staffordshire terriers are heroes

during World War I a Yankee terrier (and amstaffa at that time were called quite so) Stabbi received the sergeant's rank. He was the caused most a stir dog in army — warned soldiers about the beginning of the gas attack and, besides, neutralized the German spy. In the White House the U.S. President Vilson awarded a dog with the medal "For Courage".

are known the amstaffa which are successfully working as rescuers Now. For example, the representative of breed the Geisha is enlisted in search and rescue film logical group Emercom of Russia. And the American Staffordshire terrier Gloria-Glet succeeded in quality of the personal assistant, having participated in an experiment "A dog — the assistant to the blind person".

the American Staffordshire terrier in books

A.H. Bartlett "And a dog I will take
In the book to myself" the American Staffordshire terriers are shown as terrible security guards and almost dogs murderers.

Amstaff George, the main character of the work of J. Dolan "A dog who saved my life", on the contrary, the carrier of the idea of good.

About the representative of breed — the story "New Life in the Become Empty Nest" of the collection "True Stories about Miracles and Hope" devoted to the well-known London shelter for animal Battersi.

the American Staffordshire terriers in movies

of Amstaffy acted in movies "Heart of an Angel" (1987), "A black dog" (1998), "Two days in the valley" (1996), "The crimson rivers", "Without special signs" (2006), "Shaitan" (2006), "White Fang / White Fang" (1991), Jock (2011).

of Promoting of breed was promoted much by the American Staffordshire terrier Pete. This dog just was born the actor. He lived 9 years, and on its account a set of roles in the Hollywood movies.

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