• Dec 11, 2019
We offer you a selection of the well-known beagles who glorified not only ourselves, but also breed in general.

Bigley in books and movies

Around beagles turns a story plot J. Dale "Stealing of a century".
the Representative of breed – one of heroes of the book of J. McCormack "The friend of herds. Notes of the rural veterinarian".
the Beagle Sam – one of the main characters of books of one more famous veterinarian and the writer – J. Herriota. However, not only Sam, but also other representatives of breed is published in his stories.
of Beagles often use in experiments. About it is the "dog" detective S. Konnant "A dog who fought for the rights".
On the same subject is the book by R. Adams "Plague dogs" which is considered by right a masterpiece. Prevention: if you are going to read it, stock up with handkerchiefs.
Andy's Beagle – one of characters of the book I. Andryushchenko "My name is the Brigantine".
thanks to the artistry zvezdit in many movies: "Cats against dogs", "Underdog", "My father with a cold nose", Shaylo, "I – the fourth", "My stepmother the alien", "Inspector Gadzhet", "Raise: the great rescuer", "On the eve of Christmas" and others.
 the Movie with participation of a beagle

Bigley heroes

throughout centuries of a dog constantly helped the owners when those got sick. But not many of heroes showed such self-control and ingenuity as a beagle Böll. Instead of running for help, it caused it by phone.

In due time the resident of Florida Kevin Uiver bought
Böll in pet-shop, and it was probably its most successful purchase. Böll was lucky too: two previous owners whom the puppyish character did not suit returned it in shop.

Kevin Uiver was a diabetic, and if sugar level in blood fell below a certain level, to it there were dangerous attacks. Uiver Böll on special courses for dogs assistants decided to prepare. Training lasted 9 months, and as a result Böll got skilled at to determine sugar level, each hour sniffing to breath of the owner. If the situation took a critical turn, it bark warned: it is necessary to take measures!

Kevin Uiver woke up on February 7, 2007, feeling dizziness and weakness. Level of sugar was dangerously low, but the person seemed drugged and did not realize risk. But Böll thought in what she business, and awfully got agitated.
Kevin thought that she cannot wait to go to walk, and brought a dog to the street. However, having returned from walk, it unconscious failed on a threshold of kitchen.
Uiver would die if Böll did not remember one important thing mastered on courses. She should have pressed "9" on Kevin's phone then number 911 was automatically dialed.
Böll made everything correctly. When the operator of service of rescue answered, the dog began to bark furiously in a tube and did not stop, there did not arrive the ambulance yet. Doctors arrived in time, and Uiver recovered.
Should say that Böll became a heroine?
"I am sure by
that if Böll was not near me that morning, now I would not talk to you — told Uiver to the Associated Press agency. — It not just my savior. It — my best friend".

Famous owners of beagles

quite often became favourites of celebrities.

Elizabeth I and Wilhelm III preferred this breed to all other hunting dogs, and George IV often posed for artists together with the favourites beagles.

Hy and Hinn were beagles of the U.S. President Lyndon Johnson. In one of photos Johnson holds the dogs suspended for ears. After the publication of this photo terrible scandal burst. The president long justified himself, explaining that Him and Hinn just adore when they are dragged for ears, and do not feel at the same time any discomfort.
 the President Dzhonon and his beagles

On a photo: President Lyndon Johnson and his beagles Him and Hinn

the Active fighter for the rights of animals Nickey Read and her groom Yen Somerkholder sheltered the puppy who survived after laboratory trials. The beagle is called Emma, of her past remind only ears with the beaten-out numbers and scars now. In the new house the dog is absolutely happy.

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