• Dec 11, 2019

Belgian sheep-dogs malinua-heroes

the Best among drugs hunters were recognized Rocca and Barko's malinua. They entered into the American group of capture which patrolled the valley of Rio Grande along the southern border of the State of Texas. This valley carries the expressive name "Kokainovaya Avenue". Only for 1988 Rocca and Barko took 969 consignments of drugs for the sum of 182 million dollars. The Mexican smugglers appointed for the heads of these dogs an award in 30 thousand dollars.

the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu at cinema

Max, the main character of the eponymous movie – a malinu. He served in Afghanistan and more than once risked life, saving the owner Kyle Uinkott and his colleagues. But in one not so wonderful day the group gets to a trap, and Kyle perishes. It is difficult to Max to endure loss of the owner, and he is decided to be lulled. However the family Uinkottov makes the decision to shelter the fellow soldier of the died son. Justin – Kyle's brother becomes the new owner of Max. Whether he will be able to tame a faithful dog and to help it to get used to peaceful life?
belgiyskaya a sheep-dog of a malinu in the movie "Max"
the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu plays a major role in the movie "K-9: Christmas adventures".

Famous owners of the Belgian sheep-dogs of a malinu

Among owners of the Belgian sheep-dogs were noticed Yulia Chicherina, Ewa Méndez and Salma Hayek.

 Salma Hayek and her malinua
Salma Hayek and her Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu

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