• Dec 11, 2019

Bobtails in books

In the house Parkerov love all dogs, including Ben's bobtail. But here neighbors of a shaggy giant do not favor – he is brought not too well up. Ben even has a personal enemy – the neighbor, the owner of a dwarfish poodle of Neil. And when Neil was gone, the bobtail was accused of crime. Whether Parkeram will be possible to acquit the pet? About it is the book Jannie Dale "The knight of a shaggy image".
Thanks to a bobtail to Dan took place James Herriot's acquaintance to future wife Helen in "The veterinarian's notes".

Bobtails in cinema and animated films

Bobtails acted in movies of "Obstinate taming", "The shaggy father", "A shaggy dog" and "Digby, the biggest dog in the world".

the Cheerful dog of Max. Walt Disney in the animated film "Little Mermaid" is also a bobtail.
pes Max from the animated film "Little Mermaid"

On a photo: a bobtail Max from the animated film "Little Mermaid"

Famous owners of bobtails

the Dog acting in the movie of "Obstinate taming" — the pet Adriano Celentano. The actor could not leave a canine friend even for the period of shootings.
bobteyl in the movie "Taming of Obstinate"

On a photo: Adriano Celentano and his bobtail

Paul McCartney is the owner of 3 dogs of breed a bobtail. He devoted to one of dogs the Dear Marta song.
 Paul McCartney and Mart's bobtail

On a photo: Paul McCartney and his bobtail

Also among admirers of bobtails were noticed Monica Seles, Alyona Apina, Larisa Dolina and Anastasia Melnikova.

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