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Bull terriers never miss therefore leave bright and, sometimes, indelible time a trace in life not only owners, but also all mankind.

Bull terriers heroes

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Freight weighing 2677.5 kg was pulled along within 20.05 seconds by a bull terrier Cissie Bear on October 16, 1988 on a competition in Oklahoma City (USA). Also set a world record.
the Bull terrier Billey (weight of 11.8 kg) was recognized as the fighter of rats, greatest in the world. In 5 years it destroyed 4000 rodents during the competitions lasting 17 hours. And this with the fact that the dog grew blind on one eye. Top of its achievements – 100 rats in 5.5 minutes.
is recognized as the fighter of rats, the Second after Billey, Jannie Lind's bull terrier. Under the terms of a bet expected extermination of 500 rats in 3 hours from it. The brave dog won a bet in 1 hour 36 minutes.
the Sportscaster and the former coach of NHL Dawn Cherry is almost national hero of Canada. It became famous in the 1970th when three years was the head coach of the Boston Bruins team. Cherry it was remembered by the eccentricity and encouragement of aggressive tactics on ice.
Go rumors (which Cherry does not hurry to disprove) that when forming style of play of the team he imitated behavior of the bull terrier to Bl which can be characterized words: "Not to take prisoners".
Today to Bl (more precisely, her last incarnation because Cherry owns not one generation of bull terriers, and all calls by the same name) — not a smaller celebrity, than her owner. Both of them regularly appear on a TV screen. The incident described in the Canadian magazine "Maklins" became widely known. The aggressive dog of Cherry bit his wife Roza. When one of friends noticed: "Now you should get rid of it" — the trainer answered: "We about Blya will miss her".
Spads Mackenzie's
is a four-footed advertizing symbol of Bud Layt beer. This bull terrier with the memorable appearance (actually a bough by nickname Hani Tri Ivel Ouch) debuted in the commercial shown during broadcast of championship of the USA per baseball of 1987. On a twist of fate, the dog died because of failure of kidneys in 1993
Many dogs were involved in wars. Some of them "were called up for military service from the citizen", others since the childhood were trained for performance of front tasks. But the bull terrier, brown with white, by nickname Stabbi volunteered to serve voluntarily.
of the Dirty homeless puppy was picked up by the private of the American army John Robert Konroy who was trained before sending to Europe for participation in World War I at this time. Stabb became the favourite of the educational camp. He even learned "to salute", raising the right paw to a temple.
of Stabbi followed military connection in which Konroy, to France served. But soon soldiers found out that Stabbi was more, than just a mascot of division.
his sensitive nose caught One night a gas smell. The dog ran on trenches, loudly bark and fingering the sleeping soldiers. Thereby he saved many people from the sudden gas attack. The bull terrier also patrolled "neutral zone", found the wounded soldiers and gave help or helped them to return to the. Once he took unawares and took prisoner of the German intelligence agent which collected data on defensive strengthenings of allies. Noticed Stabb how that hid in bushes, crept behind, seized below than a back and did not unclench a grasp, soldiers from its division did not appear in time yet. For these feats of Stabbi the rank of the sergeant was given.
the Dog was involved more than in ten fights. He endured several gas attacks, near him the grenade was broken off. When the dog together with Konroyem returned to the USA, he was greeted as a hero. In the White House the meeting with the president Woodrow Wilson took place. Stabb it was also admitted to American Legion (the union of veterans of wars) and got a medal from hands of the general Joseph Pershing ordering the American troops in Europe. But resignation and peaceful life together with the owner was the best award for it. He lived still long enough to dog measures and died in 1926
during the Civil war in the USA a brown-white bull terrier by nickname Jack was a mascot of the 102nd Pennsylvanian infantry division. The devoted dog together with a division was involved in bloody fights, including fight at Spotsilvaniya and Pitersberg's siege. His biped companions claimed that it executed commands only of members of the division and could understand sense of different signals of a horn. During fight Jack did not hide from enemy bullets, and then found wounded and caused the help.
But courage of a dog cost much to it. Once he was seriously wounded and nearly died. Two times of Jack captured, and for the second time confederates seriously suggested to exchange it for the prisoner of war person. The transaction took place, and Jack returned to a system. In recognition of merits soldiers of the 102nd division handed it a silver collar. But soon the bull terrier completely was gone. The grieved soldiers decided that he was stolen, most likely, perhaps, because of a new smart collar.


the Bull terrier Darling from a zoo of Yekaterinburg brought up a cub of a jaguar.

the Bull terrier in books

the Representative of breed — the main character of the story of E. Seton-Thompson "Snap — history of a bull terrier".
the Bull terrier — one of the main characters of the book Sh. Barnford "An improbable travel" and also one of screen versions.
Kvudl — a bull terrier from the novel by Gilbert K. Chesterton "Flying tavern".
Bull terriers are published in works "Nessie: the story about hatred and love", I. Golubeva "The dog platform", M. Samarsky "A rainbow for the friend", J. Fischer "Of what thinks your dog", E. Blayton "The mystery of the stolen dogs", M. Basanovich "Affairs dog" F. Mowat "A dog who did not want to be just a dog", J. Carroll "The country of laughter", G. Ehrlich "The last wolf".

Bull terriers at cinema

Bull terriers also proved
as quite good film actors and took part in movies "Frankenvini", "Space Friends", "Babes – 2", "Death grip", "Dog life".
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Famous admirers of bull terriers

among admirers of bull terriers were at different times noticed:

  1. Walter Scott
  2. Rick Springfield
  3. Alexander Rosenbaum
  4. Vitali Klitschko
  5. Valeria
  6. Igor Kvasha.

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