• Jan 28, 2020

Bullmastiffs mascots

the Bullmastiff Gunnar "worked" with a mascot of the English Arsenal Football Club for a long time. Each match began with the fact that Gunnar made a lap of honor before public. It had also practical benefits: the bullmastiff not only adjusted team on a victory, but, in addition, the impressive species of a dog reduced intensity of emotions and constrained aggression from fans.

Bullmastiffs in books

Bulmastif Fang – the hero of the book K. Mooney "In memory of Sar".

the Powerful, wise bullmastiff the Muse is published in the work by J. Katz "A dog, love and family".

the Bullmastiff is also a hero of the novel D. Steel "The best day of life".

Bullmastiffs in movies

the Bullmastiff plays one of leading roles in the comedies "Nickname Spot Agent". The bullmastiff the Spot seriously wounded the bandit, and that employed killers for murder of a dog. To escape and reward all malefactors according to the deserts, the Spot should endure a set of adventures.

the Bullmastiff acted in detective mini-series "Defects and Their Admirers".

the Bullmastiff can also be seen in the movie "Hotel for Dogs".

Famous owners of bullmastiffs

the Bullmastiff Butkus was Sylvester Stallone's pet. The strange story is connected with this dog. Stallone endured financial crisis and was forced to sell the pet for 50 dollars. However after a while the actor sold to a film studio the script of the movie Rocca and, having received the royalties, at once rushed to the new owner of Butkus and with great difficulty redeemed from it a bullmastiff, having paid 3000 dollars.

the Bullmastiff the Coco – the pet of the singer Christina Aguilera.

Among admirers of breed – the American actor Neil Kroun who holds bullmastiffs within 20 years.

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