• Jan 8, 2020

the Caucasian sheep-dogs in movies

The Caucasian sheep-dog – the hero of the movie "Scrap – the forgotten friend". The main character of the movie – the Caucasian sheep-dog of Lome who together with the owner lives in the small mountain small village. The son of the old man tries to persuade the father to move to the city and goes on cunning: tells about allegedly sick grandson. And while Georgy was away, brought the road to the village snow so the settlement was cut off from the world. As a result of Lome it was necessary to live alone till spring and to protect the empty house …

kavkazskaya a sheep-dog in a filmya "Scrap - the forgotten friend" a photo shot

On a photo: the Caucasian sheep-dog in the movie "Scrap – the forgotten friend". Photo: google

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