• Dec 19, 2019

We would like to acquaint you with the dalmatians who glorified this breed of dog.

 Dog of breed dalmatian of a photo

On a photo: dalmatian. Photo:

Dalmatians in cinema and animated films

Extraordinary popular dalmatians became after an exit to screens of movies and animated films "101 dalmatians" and "102 dalmatians".

Pongo's dalmatian appears in series "Once in the Fairy Tale" and even saves one of the main characters.

Dalmatians in books

Dottie's dalmatian – the main character of the book J. Dale "Fidget Dottie". Dottie is the most capricious and naughty dog what were only met by inhabitants of a shelter on Korolevskaya Street! And the most interesting, its owner – the new school teacher! But here Dottie with study is not lucky – she was expelled from three dog schools, and with a shame. Whether there will be a miracle – whether it is possible to re-educate a disobedient dalmatian?

Dalmatinka Tessa is a heroine of one of stories by James Herriot (collection "About All Creations — Big and Small").

Well, and all the famous movie and the animated film "101 dalmatians" are based on the eponymous book Doudi Smith.

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