• Feb 14, 2020

the Golden retriever – the mayor

the Town of Gaffi located in the south of the valley Saut Park since the end of the 19th century came to desolation. Now it is known only thanks to architecture (style of the Wild West) and festivals of the Flying hens and also that in the 1990s Shanda – a dog of breed a golden retriever was the mayor Gaffi.

The matter is that by mistake of the authorities to Gaffi's inhabitants sharply increased taxes. Citizens rebelled and began to choose for a role of the mayor … animals. Three times this position was held by cats, and since 1993 Shanda became the mayor Gaffi. She carried out duties of "the chief of the city" of 5 years and even acted in "Oprah Winfrey Show". In 1998 Shanda from a duty of the mayor was released by a cat by nickname the Monster.

Golden retrievers in books

Golden retrievers appear in a cycle of dog detective stories of Susan Konant .

Golden retrievers became heroes of books of James Herriot ("The veterinarian's notes"), Bruce Cameron ("Life and the purpose of a dog"), John Katz ("A dog, love and family" and "Year of a dog") and also collections "Chicken broth as a hobby: 101 stories about animals" and "True stories about miracles and hope".

Golden retrievers at cinema

Good learning ability, obedience and effective appearance became the reason that golden retrievers became wonderful actors and played in a set of movies.

Tiffin is a golden retriever from series of BBC "Partners in Crime" based on works by Agatha Christie.

the Golden retriever of Bringli – a dog of the hero of Tom Hanks (movie "To You Letter").

the Golden retriever – one of the main characters of the movie "A way home: Improbable travel" and also "Way home-2: Mislaid in San Francisco".

the golden retriever in the movie "Eight Below" Appears.

Also golden retrievers became filmstars in the pictures "King of Air", "Business of Old Times", "Gold Winter", "Gold Christmas", "Bailey's Billions", "Napoleon", "Bailey's Adventures: the lost puppy", "Retrievers", "The snow five", "Three Christmas fairy tales", "Princes of air", "Observers", "Property with a tail", "Searching Santa-Lapus", Flyuk and many others.

Golden retrievers of celebrities

a Favourite of the U.S. President Gerald Ford. For it the president often was exposed to criticism in the press.

James Belushi within 15 years was the proud owner of a golden retriever Memo.

Also among admirers of golden retrievers – Bradley Cooper, Jackie Chan, Alyona Hmelnitskaya, Natalya Bondarchuk and many others.

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