• Dec 18, 2019

Griffons at cinema

 the Griffon in the movie better does not happen

On a photo: a griffon in the movie "Better Does Not Happen"

The Bruxelles griffon Werdel is a hero of the movie "Better Does Not Happen". The excentric, mentally unstable writer flares hatred to people around therefore it is absolutely lonely. But suddenly he should undertake care of a neighbour's doggie. Which imperceptibly teaches it to devotion and kindness, opening the new world.

Also griffons appear in movies "Gosford Park", "Sweet November", "City of Rotation", "Training Madam Tingl", "The First Club of Wives", "Mike and Mollie".

Famous owners of griffons

Griffons were favourite breed of the American artist Mary Kassatt. It often represented pets in the pictures.

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