• Jan 3, 2020

Thanks to the fact that the Irish setters became muses of poets, writers, authors of movies and also pets of celebrities the breed became quite popular. What Irish setters glorified breed?

 the Irish setter in a profile a close up of a photo

On a photo: Irish setter. Photo: wikimedia.org

the Irish setters in books

"Heart of a Dog is arranged so:

Fell in love – means, for ever.

There was a good fellow and not the fool

The Irish setter Jack …" — quite so begins the poem V. Inber "the Setter Jack".

A mischievous Irish setter by nickname Mars – the main character of the book of I.S. Shmelyov "my Mars".

The character of novels I. Hmelevskoy Habr (Cornflower) – extraordinary intellectual Irish setter.

the Irish setter in movies

"Big Red" — the touching movie about friendship of the Irish setter Red and the orphan Rene Dyumon. Red – an elite dog who costs huge money and has to participate in an exhibition. Rene helps to look after a setter, however he is terrified by the cruel attitude of the owner towards a dog …

Famous owners of the Irish setters

The Irish setter Ruslan was a pet of the father A.S. Pushkin – Sergey Lvovich. By the way, called a dog as it is easy to guess, in honor of the character of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

In Ireland presented to John Kennedy a gift – the Irish setter by nickname Shannon.

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