• Dec 24, 2019

the Irish wolfhounds in books
the Irish wolfhound Max is a hero of the book S. Petik "A dog as a gift".

The Irish wolfhound Fred is published in the work J. Dale "Star paws".

The dog of the same breed by nickname Frosya "participates" in the book by O. Karagodina "A silver dog".

The wolfhound Bolder, Cedric Saks's pet is mentioned in the novel by V. Scott "Ivanhoe".

 the Irish wolfhound sits a photo Photo: lapkins.ru

The Irish wolfhounds at cinema

Thanks to unusual appearance and charm, wolfhounds quite often appear on the screen. They, for example, can be seen in movies "Grafinya De Monsoro", "The Thirteenth Soldier", "Farewell, Doctor Freud" and others.

The famous owners of the Irish wolfhounds Irish presented
to Dzhonn Kennedy Woolf – a huge Irish wolfhound.

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