• Jan 13, 2020

Papilyona in the history

The French king Henry III worshipped papilyona. At him there lived the whole rack of these dogs, and he did not stint in expenses on their maintenance. Often the king was on meetings of the State Council with a basket in which several his favourites sat. It, certainly, could not but cause discontent court, especially considering that time was heavy. France was torn apart by religious wars between Protestants and Catholics who were supported by the king.

On August 1, 1589 Henry spent the night in the town of Sen-Clo in the army camp. The royal army prepared for storm of the rebelled Paris. Before going to bed the audience for the king was asked by the monk Jean Clemen. But Lilin, the favourite alumna of the king, suddenly like hostility to the visitor. It choked with bark and flatly refused to admit the visitor to the owner. The monarch ordered to take out Lilin from the room. It became a fatal flaw.

The monk suddenly snatched out a dagger and stuck into a stomach to Henry. Death was not mercy to the king – he was tormented several days. Probably, dying, he bitterly regretted that he did not trust in an intuition of the most devoted of the friends.


Papilyon belonging to Marie Antoinette saw off the hostess on an executioner's block. The queen, having already risen by the guillotine, managed to transfer the favourite to the assistant to the executioner. After Marie Antoinette's execution a doggie the family which lived in the building which received subsequently the name "Papilyon's House" sheltered. There is a set of sculptures and images of royal favourites, they from semiprecious and gemstones are created.

Papilyona at cinema

Papilyon Rotonda Taurapilis acted in the movie "Elizabeth I" (Great Britain). The doggie played a role of the favourite Maria Stewart.

Famous owners of papilyon

Christina Aguilera holds two papilyon: Chui and Stinki.

A canine friend of Alexander Barykin – папильон Etienne.

The guitarist of the All Time Low group Alex Gaskart appreciates devotion of the favourite Sebastian.

The Australian artist self-educated person Elisa Leahy draws the fantastic pictures representing animals. Also worships the papilyena by the name of Jem. Jem, by the way, participates in the Psychiatric Service Dog program, that is as a dog therapist visits patients of hospitals, rendering them psychological assistance. Elisa does not leave the house without devoted canine friend.

One more happy owner of a papilyon – the American actress Alicia Reaser. Her pet call Gatsby – in honor of the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Papilyon Koko lives in the house of the American writer and radio host Neil Burts.

The Hollywood star Lauren Bakoll adores the papilyon of Sofie and "My partner" calls the favourite precisely. "Sofie very lovely and clever — the actress admits — and none of people are capable of such love which it gives me".

 Lauren Bakoll and it папильон a photo On a photo: Lauren Bakoll and it папильон Sofie

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