• Feb 24, 2020

Pekineses in books

the Brave Pekinese Franklin – one of heroes of the book E. Peters "The devil only knows".

the Pekinese Fur of the tsigal sheep – "similar to a throat-wrap" the girlfriend Shashlyka from "Notes of a cat Shashlyka" A. Exler.

In addition, representatives of breed are published in works by J. Dale "The red fugitive", J. McCormack "The friend of herds. Notes of the rural veterinarian", to Gloria Mu "To return on traces", J. Fischer "Of what your dog", R. Adams "Plague dogs", J. Darrell "Bird mocker" thinks.

Pekineses at cinema

Pekineses not frequent guests at cinema, however it is possible to see them in movies "Moscow Does Not Trust Tears", "Mary Poppins, Good-bye!", "Don Quixote's Children", "Adjuster", "Perfumer", "Little Princess", in series "Dzhivs and Worcester".

the Pekinese plays Triki Wu's role in series on works J. Herriota "About all creations: fine and surprising".

Famous owners of Pekineses

It is considered that from all dogs who were on "Titanic" only two escaped. One of them – a Pekinese by nickname Sun-Yat-Saint belonging to Henry Sliper. The doggie got to the boat together with the owner. As the boat was almost empty when it departed from "Titanic", nobody objected to presence of a dog.

At the Patriarch Alexy II there lived a Pekinese by the name of Pusha.

Among admirers of breed noticed Elina Bystritskaya, Alla Demidova, Sofiko Chiaurelli, Merlyn Monro, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Kartlend and Joan Rivers.

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