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Poodles heroes

the Civil war in England could end for 3 years earlier, than was predetermined by history if not a poodle of prince Rupert Reynsky. Ill-wishers considered that actually the demon who helps the owner disappears in an image of a dog. On portraits of that time Rupert was always represented near a dog. It is interesting that on the cloths created by Rupert's enemies not the poodle, and a terrible hybrid of a dog and a dragon is drawn.

Cromwell's troops surrounded Once Charles I's army and crumpled ranks of defenders of the monarchy. The king by miracle escaped from an environment and jumped on the leychestersky road. But two groups of cavalrymen of Cromwell, obviously, having received the order at any cost to capture Charles, from two parties rushed across.

Here on the roadside ran out from a grove a white shaggy being, drew with loud bark Charles's attention and forced it to turn sharply into the field behind a grove. Persecutors were met by Rupert Reynsky's cuirassiers who hid in a grove. Cromwell's horsemen were forced to recede.

— As call it … a dog? — Charles asked, pointing to the dog who is selflessly chasing butterflies.

— This poodle call Fight, your majesty — Rupert Reynsky answered.

the King shot from a neck the film with an award of the Holy Spirit, hesitated a little and said:

— This small quite deserved an award for rescue of the king, but as at us, in England, it is not accepted to award dogs, I hand an award to the owner of this hero. And poodles let from now on and forever are called royal dogs!

also began to call Since then a big poodle royal.

At least, so says an old legend.

was the fate of the Fight? Perhaps, in something Rupert's enemies were and are right. During military operations the poodle always was at the commander — and its owner won a victory behind a victory. But in fight at Marston-Moura the bullet got to an unfortunate dog, and he died. And nearly for the first time for the career prince Rupert got beaten.

In 1806 the royal poodle under the personal order of Napoleon was awarded the order by the military for timely detection of the opponent who intended to attack group of guardsmen unexpectedly.

In 1931 Ella Vendel from New York bequeathed to the poodle of Toby a fortune in 15 million pounds sterling.

the Poodle in art

Poodles served as an inspiration object for A. Tolstoy, G. Heine, V. Goethe, Rembrandt, A. Duerer and N. Fedotov.

is easy to guess that for a dog "The white poodle" is the main character of the story of A. Kuprin.

Representatives of breed are published in books by S. Konnant "A dog who broke a door", O. Karagodina "A silver dog", J. McCormack "The friend of herds. Notes of the rural veterinarian", J. Mai "He, she and is a dog", N. Nosova "Dunno on the Moon", D. Pennac "the Dog the Dog", J. Pikolt "The last rule", M. Basanovich "Affairs dog", Z. Zhuravleva "Somersaults through the head", A. Lindgren "The kid and Carlson", in a series of detective stories of D. Dontsova and in "Dog stories" of J. Herriot.

Around disappearance of a dwarfish poodle is under construction a story plot J. Dale "The knight of a shaggy image".

Should remember noble Artemon, the friend Malvina from "the Mystery of the Gold Key".

to the White poodle to Signor Kapi and black Zerbino possesses an important role in the novel by G. Malo "Without family" and in the eponymous movie.

In general, poodles appear in a huge number of movies — they are born actors.

Famous owners of poodles

Sometimes writers create the works in co-authorship. The outstanding prose writer John Steinbeck, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the author of such novels as "East of Eden" and "Grapes of Wrath" acted this way. In 1960 the writer restored forces after recently postponed heart attack. He did not want to be reconciled with the infirmity. On the contrary, Steinbeck went to a travel in a trailer which he called Rosinant in honor of Don Quixote's horse. Together with the satellite, Charlie's poodle, the writer overcame 19 thousand kilometers, crossed 37 states and a part of the territory of Canada and, at last, in 1961 came back home to New York.

in this wandering was not a burden at all. He helped Steinbeck to come into contact with the people meeting on the way. If the writer wanted to start talking to the stranger, was to approach him him together with Charlie enough. Besides, the poodle was a wonderful listener. On the way the owner and a dog discussed a set of subjects, from life in small towns before racial discrimination. Therefore Steinbeck did not take offense at the pet when because of his aggressive reaction to a bear they had to leave Yellowstone National Park quickly.

the Report on a travel which is relevant called "A travel with Charlie in search of America" was published in 1961 and had great success with readers and critics. The mobile house belonging to the writer is stored in the National center of Steinbeck in Salinas, the State of California. And the next lines can serve as a monument to faithful Charlie: "Charlie is a kind friend and the excellent road companion, travel for it — the most razlyubezny business, it is better than which will think up nothing. Mentions of Charlie will often come across on these pages because he promoted success of my trip".

Jacqueline Susan's
remember as the first of a galaxy the "star writers" who are tirelessly propagandizing the books in television talk shows and as author of "The valley of dolls", the fiction from the world of the show business exposing dirty linen. This book became the best-seller with an unprecedented circulation of 20 million copies and is one of the most popular literary works in the history.

But creations of the writer, perhaps, would never be issued if not her poodle Josephine. Susan got this dog in 1955 when she lived in New York and worked at the lowest steps of show business. She wanted to become a writer and even had a novel plan about starlets whose life is destroyed by chaotic sex and drugs, but nobody showed to it interest. Then Susan composed the amusing, semi-truthful report on the relationship with pudelikhy Josephine whom she dresses up in the dresses corresponding on style to her own clothes. This story published in 1963 had moderate success. Nevertheless, it made the writer "of" in literary circles that allowed to publish also "The valley of dolls". The rest, as they say, history.

Many other celebrities also preferred poodles.

B 1787 Ludwig of bathtubs Beethoven wrote "Elegy" on the death of a poodle.

Extravagant George Sand drove about in the carriage with two big poodles of color of champagne with green bows on the head.

Winston Churchill was devoted not only to the favourite cigars, but also a little brown poodle to Rufus with whom they together regaled on chocolates.
 is black a white photo a poodle and черчиль On a photo: Winston Churchill and his poodle
In addition, among admirers of a poodle were noticed Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Sandra Bullock, Rihanna and Emma Watson.

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