• Jul 11, 2018


Mopsa in books and movies

Aviv's pug – one of characters of the book of J. Katz "Dogs, love and family".

The pug of Huch plays an important role in a series of detective novels of D. Dontsova.

Shedou's pug from a shelter of Battersi – the hero of the history "From a Shadow to Light" (collection "True Stories about Miracles and Hope").

One of stories by James Herriot is devoted to a charming pug of Triki-Wu.

Around kidnapping of a pug events of the work of A. Christie "Nemean lion" are developed.

Frank, the alien from movies "Men in black" (1 and 2) and the cartoon serial of the same name, masks under a pug.

Pugs is favourite pets of Martie Haggins, the politician from the movie "Dirty Campaign for Fair Elections".

In the movie "Marie Antoinette" at the queen there live several pugs.

Percy's pug is a friend Pokakhontas in the animated film "Pokakhontas".

Epik — the three-armed pug by nickname Ozzie plays a syuzhetoobrazuyushchy role.

In the movie "Kingsman: Secret service" a pug Jay Bee (Jack Bauer) is a guard dog of the main character.

 the Pug in the movie Kingsman of a photo On a photo: a pug in the movie Kingsman

Pugs appeared on a cover of the The New Yorker weekly twice.

Famous owners of pugs

According to a legend, William I Oransky could die as a result of attempt, but his pug gave the alarm in time and did not allow to come true to villainy.

There are data that Napoleon was afraid of Josephine's pug who is not hesitating to bite the great commander at all.

The king William III and the queen Mari Stewart II, monarchs of Great Britain and Ireland, became founders of fashion for pugs in England.

Preference to representatives of this breed was given by Voltaire, William Hogarth, Marquis de Pompadour, Marie Antoinette, the Queen Victoria, the duke Engkhin, the king Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simson-Uorfield, the duchess of Windsor.

The famous owners of pugs of our time – Zhanna Friske and Darya Dontsova.


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