• Dec 17, 2019

the Welsh Corgi in books

of the Welsh Corgi of Harry – the hero of the story "Duet" of J. Katz.

of the Corgi the Skipper "participates" in "Dog stories" of J. Herriot.

In the book "Ace of Clubs" D. King-Smith is described by a Welsh Corgi Megane.

the Welsh Corgi at cinema

Representatives of breed shine brightly a charm therefore they are taken willingly on filmings. Welsh Corgis appear in many movies: "The lost puppy", "The tourist necessarily", "In an apple!", "Do not speak to mother about the nurse's death", Robinson Crusoe (1997, with Pierce Brosnan), "Agent Johnny Inglish", "The king speaks!", "Queen", in the animated film "101 dalmatians-2", in series "Dzhivs and Worcester" and "Sea police: Special department".

the Welsh Corgi – symbols

of a Welsh Corgi was chosen as a symbol by the British firm producing large-scale models and toys of "Corgi Toys".

Famous owners of a Welsh Corgi

Little "maids of honour" – Welsh Corgis – steadily accompany Her Majesty Elizabeth II during walks and even official ceremonies. For example, at opening of the Olympic Games in London in 2012 Elizabeth II is engaged in cultivation of this breed, however it is hard to catch a puppy of "royal blood". They are not on sale – are only given especially approximate. The queen considers a corgi family members, and for Christmas for each of dogs suspends on a fireplace a festive sock with gifts.
 Elizabeth II and a Welsh Corgi On a photo: queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II and Welsh Corgi
At Jennifer Aniston lives a Welsh Corgi Norman.

Also among admirers of breed "were lit" Stephen King, Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck, Mikey Rooney, Gary Cooper, Kersti Ellie, William Hert, Dian Keaton, Norman Rockwell, Dirk Bogard, Lisa Minelli.

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